unkillable,facetank ELEMENTALlST (2h fire-lighting-burn-electro)

hey everyone,
this is my goygoy
in ultimate i have to tap potion like madman or i will die.is ultimate this hard or what? my resist are pretty much full and couple of them capped over max.
i tried couple elementalist build i had seen in this forum but they are mostly caster or trap builds.i want to do something with my items.i have very good scepters or offhands but i hate playing caster class.

what should be skill tree and devotion route?
i tried savagery with i i had over 30k dps but it is single target and didnt work,trying fire strike right now.if i swich to shield and mace or ny one hand weapon my dps gets way low and can’t do anything.

still trying to upgrade my gear so this is the best items i got for fire based build.trying to get boot relic of mondrogen or something like that ( hp regen and move speed component etc.

what do you guys think i should do with this build =?

i can’t event beat chill thing nemesis in ultimate ( in 2.nd stage i had him like %30 hp but when it stunned me and kept me stunned for like 5 sc i died in steps of torment,without fighthing him i can clear steps of torment ) btw my potions wear off when i was fighting with chill thing thats why i died.
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You have no pierce, aether or poison resist, as for ultimate. Monsters deal much of these damage types. You also need armor absorption and DA. I don’t really remember how much DA you should have at level 79, but I’d say 1850 would be a good portion.

You may also want to consider a point in Wind Devil, and then lots Raging Tempest, as well as thermite mines- both of those remove enemy resistance to elemental damage. Blast shield is also great for durability.

At some point, you may want to get away from fire damage and go just lightning. Elementalist does this really, really well.

I did not check 100% properly, but it seems that have too few sources of resistance reduction, such as Wind Devil -> Raging tempest. Devotions Manticore, Rhowans crown (do not stack with Manticores resistance reduction mechanics), Eldritch fire. You do have arcane bomb which is a nice start, but since you seem to go dual elements light and fire, you could focus on skills, items and devotions that grants resistance reduction to all elements first. You also have access to Thermite mine wich reduces monster light and fire resistances, perfect for this build!

Since you are above level 70, you should also get armor augments from the factions. Make sure you get revered status with the ones that sell those augments you need to fill the holes in your resistances (pierce, aether and chaos most prominently). When you get these, you could focus on getting ancient armor plate and other components that gives more armor absorption. One thing you can do straight away is to use antivenom salve https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/2879 in the belt. It will give you poison resists and since it will be applied to the belt, the extra armor will apply to ALL gear.

You should also check out which factions sells armor and jewlery (rings amulets) that might benefit your char, like these ones

The areas that are most likely to be hit are chest and legs, make sure you prioritize def there.

You have 0% physical resist, that is not good considering your low armor rating and absorption. Again, look at the faction wear.

I like the concept of this build, good luck with it!

go up,
still looking for tips

This is how I might do it. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0Pmd9V
Although of course you need better gear. Have a look at the devotion tree.

First off you need to focus on one damage type either fire or lightning in this case. Reason is devotions tend to support one or the other. Some support both but for lightning you take a very different devotion path to the one I gave you.

Temper and vindictive flame get rid of those they are not doing much for you. Vindictive flame might be good later on when you have your final gear and need more attack speed. That’s the only thing that skill is usefull for.

Demon Fire is useless. Blackwater cocktail is ok but take the modifier for - enemy damage it will help you survive more.

In the Shaman Tree - Stormcallers pact is still good for the 35% crit damage I guess. Definitely get 1 point in wind devil and try to max raging tempest. It’s amazing for any elemental build. Wendigo totem you don’t really need. Try to get a seal of blades or some other adcth component. This will help your healing tremendously

Flashbangs - great skill but if your sinking 14 points into it get the modifier and put at least 2-3 points for the fumble chance. When you get better gear these are often one point wonders + skills can boost them to sufficient levels

Devotion wise: Aetherfire sucks for fire builds get fiend it is way better as a left click main attack skill proc. Wraith?? get rid of that as well.

Behemoth: you think it’s good, but it’s really really terrible. Cooldown is too long and it procs randomly - not as a circuit breaker. It will proc when you are at 90% HP heal you up only 10% and then you have to wait for 30 seconds where it provides only a marginal benefit in HP regen several hundred per second. Whereas if you rely on adcth and have enough damage you can steal thousands of HP per hit and hit several times per second even with a 2h weapon.

Get solaels witch fire - this is a must have for any fire build. It’s actually quite a strong proc.

Wayward soul is good kind off but mostly for the OA nodes. you can’t have it all so I’ve taken it out.

Meteor (my recommendation) is kind of questionable. It does much less damage than you think for tier 3 devotion but the first 3 nodes are good. You can take those 5 points and get ghoul (great circuit breaker and sustain) or solemn watcher for DA. Ghoul is probably better but if your DA is very low solemn watcher maybe the best way to go

Edit: Also I forgot to mention blast shield is very powerful. You need to get that as well. Also Brute Force in the Shaman tree you need only one point to unlock feral hunger and max that. I forgot to edit that. It’s amazing for lightning but not for firebuilds. Let me know if this is all helpful I can give you some tips on a lightning build if you prefer lightning.


Building off what jedi_D here has said, 6/10 searing light = win.

12/12 explosive strike if only because you start entering the land of diminishing returns after the softcap.

Would also drop BWC completely seeing that the damage reduction doesn’t stack with stormtitans.

Also, you need to invest waaaay too many points into it to make agonizing flames useful.

Get at least 10/16 thermite mines. Even with the smaller aoe, the fact that it has no cooldown and can be recasted as you please makes it more valuable than BWC in my opinion.

12/12 raging tempest for the reasons he’s mentioned, also get feral hunger to 25% proc chance.

Personal biasedness - I always throw 12 points into blastshield.

Might also be worth getting wendigo totem if you have spare points for it.