unknown status condition.

Trying out the DW Taction build from the classes section, and when I shoot things there’s a blue cross with a skull on top of it sometimes shows over the enemy, does anyone know what that status condition of the enemy is, or what causes it.

Do you have Deadly Aim from the Inquisitor mastery? Because that skill leaves a little blue circle on your character’s head when it activates.

That’s probably the proc from Seal of Annihilation.

Edit: It’s actually probably the Assassin’s Mark devotion proc.

I’m pretty sure that is Assassin’s Mark devotion, from the Assassin’s Blade tree. It debuffs physical and pierce.

That is, the 2 blades are the Assassin’s Mark, the skull is from something else.

5 days and 90 odd views ago I asked what the rotated blue alpha symbol over foes heads meant and no one can tell me.

If there is no way of knowing what these icons mean what is the effing point having them in the game?

The skull possibly could be from tip the scales (Scales of Ulcama) which is bound to Fighting Spirit. That would explain the 2 icons over the enemy at times.

When I picked up Assassin’s Mark, I started getting the double blades in blue, and at the same time, started seeing skulls on some. I’m not sure what the skull was, but the blue double blades was pretty clearly the Assassin’s Mark.

I don’t have Tip the Scales, so it wasn’t that, but it might be yours.

Confuse, terrify, and charm type skills often show up as skulls. I wonder if something of that nature is being applied.

I just logged into my dual pistol Tactician. It turns out, the Assassin’s mark shows 2 swords in blue, and the skull pulses on and off rather slowly. It’s not 2 effects, but one.