Unpredictable force - N&O Octavius Battlemage

Hope you will get a lot of fun and have interesting gameplay! :smiley:

Added a couple of new builds, see here.

Added couple of 2H vitality DK builds, see here.

P.S: Hope will find time to test cold DK build concepts as well.

Added 2h melee battle mage build on elemental Cadence with new mace.

Updated cold DK build for AoM - replaced components on rings, changed amulet and some augments. Added new build version for FG, see details here.

Interesting, your 2 hand Vit DK reminded me of a build I use on my DK that I got from [] Crimson Soviet: 2H Blood Knight, 4buffs/no banners Cruc. 150-170 in 10 min. (Death Knight)

but to answer about super bosses and such, the only ones I have succesfully beat 1 shot with this build has been Lokarr. I have killed secret bourbon as well, but that was a lot of deaths and just rerunning in to see it through, not a 1 shot fight, all others on ultimate have not been killable for me.

Currently my build is this with it (as you can tell its also slightly different then the build it was inspired by in the devotions)


ooh and i love the cold DK idea, have been toying around with what to do for it myself.

I’m glad you found something interesting and useful! Thanks for feedback on vita DK builds! Your gt calc looks interesting - how does the build feels in game?

P.S: Hope you will also have some fun with cold DK as well.

Actually I also played around with acid DK dual build but it feels too glassy. :disappointed:

I leveled my dk from the get go going for this build, so as far as going through the campaign it was ok early on, but really got to a brainless point by the time you start getting max level and getting some gear for it. You do feel it struggling though with the secret bosses and such, but as for main content, it completes it no problem (every time crate introduced new parts to the game, my DK is what I complete it with, so all of Riggs quest chain, I did on the Vit DK)

it feels like its ok and fun, just always feel like it is lacking something, one of the things I have been looking at is the Korvan Reaping Halberd looks like it could benefit it with the right rolls, and be a better weapon, I just have not got the drop I want (not a gd stash user for personal reasons lol).

I dunno, still my favorite character to play (was my first to 100) and I am happy to see someone else trying to do something with it.

oh, and i never thought about acid dk… hmm glassy you say hih? I would love to see what you came up with.

If I remember correct one of the members of RU community made DK vita build with this halberd and it was fine. If I find the link I will share it with you.

P.S: I also thought to try DK with 2h mace from new dungeon but have some concerns about it.

P.S.S: Maybe will also try to make DK vita build with shield and 2 items from pseudo set with proc on block event.

Sure. I will try to share calc link later today. Maybe you will be able to help me to polish the build. :slight_smile:

@omegam0, as promised I post GT link for dual acid DK build:



The build concept is pretty similar to cold DK build. If I could I would use Harbinger of Souls to get more flat acid damage (+6K for cadence under SH and +2.3K for BH under SH) but use Master of Death due to lack of OA and DA.

Cadence damage under permanent buffs and Soul Harvest:

Bone Harvest damage under permanent buffs and Soul Harvest:

awesome, I will check it out later this evening, its been a busy past 2 days for me so I have been unable to get on the game at all.

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Added alternative physical Blade Arc DK build setup. Actual difference with original DK build from @grey-maybe is in gear setup.

Hi Strannik, I assume “DeathHammer” is your latest build that you mention above. I’m testing it now, leveling the celestial skills and got mediocre rolls atm but it sure looks promising. Thanks!

Btw; in the setup you say Cadence is an active skill, guess this should be corrected to ArcBlade :wink:

Hi, glad to here you enjoy the build!

P.S: Yes, cadence is an artifact I missed to delete after copy-paste editing. Will fix it. :smile:

P.S.S: Special thanks to @grey-maybe as author of core build concept.

Hi, Strannik. I’ve been thinking about a Korvan Halberd based off Krieg’s set when I saw yours. This is what I came up with using your build a base, but I guess it’s worse off compared to Targo’s?


Hi Singletrack!
Your build looks fine to me. Interesting cjhoice of gear. It is not necessary to be worse off compared to Targo’s - just try it. :grinning:

Hi, I’m trying to replicate the Death Hammer build, but I’m missing one(?) point in devotions to continue, and can’t replicate them. Is there a trick to respec devotion later ingame, or am I just missing something? Ghoul, Panther, Assasin’s Blade, Wolverine, Hawk, and can’t continue further. :thinking:

Hi, I’m glad you are interested in the build. :grinning:

Yes, you can use service provided by NPC with Spirit Guide (Devil’s Crossing, Coven or Camp of Three) or use Tonic of Clarity, see details here.

You can try the follwoing path for example:

  1. Yellow point in Crossroads
  2. Assassin’s Blade
  3. Blue point in Crossroads
  4. Eel
  5. Green point in Crossroads
  6. Scholar’s Light
  7. Kraken
  8. Wolverine
  9. Ulzaad
  10. Hawk
  11. Pathner
  12. Purple point in Crossroads
  13. Solemn Watcher
  14. Azrakaa

Use Spirit Guide to reset (free) devotion points from Crossroads (except purple) and Scholar’s Light - you will get 6 points to invest:

  1. Lion
  2. Scales of Ulcama

Use Spirit Guide to reset points from Crossroads, Lion and Eel and to invest it to Ghoul.

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