Unreasonable food production curb

After 245 hours of gameplay since v0.7 you just can’t persuade me this game is anywhere close to balanced or debugged…you can stare for hours on these food production curbs and still not find the answer as to why in a blink of the eye there are -100 villagers dead from starvation in a thriving village with full resouces and stable food production.

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What is the issue you are reporting?

Maybe that there is too much RNG in the game. I agree with the OP in that I can
run a stable town with 14/1 food then suddenly it tanks to 0/0 and I can’t figure out
why. Same number of people. I changed nothing and nothing major happened
but something major happened behind the scenes. Granted it is a rare event
but it does happen just like disease hits where I can have water, soap plenty
of fruit etc… and no poop in the homes but a massive outbreak of some disease
hits and kills hundreds of people. I blame RNG lol


It could happen when a lot of diseases on the crop field happened in line for years. You get less and less yield year after year. It happened to me few times as well. Luckily I spotted it on time and bought the grain from trader. But still it had massive impact on food. And you get poor as it costs a lot of money.

Fields are that much important food production that their outage have massive impact and you cannot do anything about it. Like you cannot control whether the hot sun burns the crop or crop has been frozen… plus various diseases at once for almost every crop you grow…

And playing around with removing the crop plan for the year(to not have the disease spread further) is nightmare as getting back to set up the crops after the year againg is another task to think of and not forget to done among further fixing/maintaining tasks in line.

Just I would like to add on that there should be the game fix to prevent the game for such long continuing line of negative events affected the fields(diseeses, wheather) because with high number of population(heavy food demand) you can easily end up with dieing of population in huge numbers. And to get from this sh** situation is very difficult-if not fatal.

well I over produce on purpose to cover the ups and downs.
Most players hate seeing so much spoilage but me I just do it so
I never have to worry about food but that is also why the rare 0/0
is so strange.

My crops never get diseases cause I run workers and clover always
and only have 1 crop running 1 year on any field. Example being
my wheat, I have 3 fields with just 1 wheat on each and the wheat
on a different year so that while 1 field is putting out wheat the
other 2 are in fix it mode. Yeah it takes 3 fields but I never have
a drop in wheat and my wheat output is rock stable in the graphs.

The more stable your food and workers count is the less you
get ups and downs.

Going by comments I read it appears a lot of players wonder why
when they go build a wall their food output tanks and do not realize
those laborers are needed to keep the goods flowing in an
orderly manner (like the 18 wheeler that delivers the food to the store)
without them food backs up and spoils and the start of the
roller coasters begins lol

An epidemic is a bit different, because if you have at least one operating T2 Hospital (the upgraded one) then you will lose just a percentage of the toll you would otherwise lose if you just got the T1 Hospital (if non at all). The problem I post here is much deeper as you said. Because no matter if you have 10 barns or a stable grain production rate, the overall food production curb just leans downwards. I have reloaded the specific village from year 110 twice and just run it again without changing food production and it just keeps reducing without explanation…

If you notice the most downwards trendy graph is the meat one…
I always imlement a hybrid crops rotation on fields, meaning that only one field will output a specific type of crops every single year. There is close to zero chances for disease to spead around and the total loss is less than %5 YtY of total production. Same applies to rot (just a fraction of the total output). There have been reductions due to raiders killing field workers and disrupting normal production but it is nothing major at this scale.

Firstly the food production graphs that do not help with this primitive raw data that they provide (in order to troubleshoot).
And an unexplained reduction in food production year after year. No major food production outages, no diseases no catastrophic parameters whatsoever.

Epidemic? ok sure but who is talking about that? not me lol I’m talking
about crops. If you are losing food in the fields then you are doing it wrong.
There are 2 topics here . field food loss via diseases and general downward
trend via other issues.

As for the trend down it happens because of what I said above. You lost workers
and the system goes unstable for a year or two. Other reasons are a storage unit
burns down and the game code has to reshuffle the pipeline etc… It is no different
than in real life the local warehouse burns down and now the trucks have to come in
from out of state with food.

For me it is all stable except for that rare 0/0 but I think that is a bug because nothing
burned down and no workers were lost etc… it just suddenly goes wacko

meat is rock stable in my graphs. goes straight across.
(give or take RGN on births can make it go up or down a little)
Now if lightning hits a barn and it burns to the ground then sure
there is a blip in the graph but that is sooooo rare.

If the game engine cannot find a weakness to attack in your build, it will create one.

It’s a beature, not a fug.

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