Up To Date Deathmarked Build?

Hi folks, I tried searching the build compendium and wasn’t able to find a current Deathmarked set up. If anyone has any suggestions for me, please let me know! I tried theory crafting multiple class combos but didn’t really get anywhere. This is the best I got with Infiltrator; it honestly looks pretty miserable to me.

Edit: messed up GT and forgot to max Dual Blades.

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There is a reason for that. DM is currently one of the weakest legendary sets, it doesn’t offer anything substantial aside from the great looks. It will work fine in campaign in any of the older iterations though.

If you are not adamant on playing this particular set and just want melee or even cold melee, i’d go for smth else.

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+2 NB skills and rr are not good enough for today’s meta?

Any builds in particular, sir?

+2 NB comes from 5 pieces including 3 slots for gear that can give +1 to skills. If you take any +1/+1 helmet and two ugdenbog chillstrifes with good rolls, you already have superior % dmg and superior rr.

DM is supposedly a WPS set but its bonuses are very weak compared to what other items can give. Like, a single spectral battle axe has WPS mods superior to the whole set.

From the cold DW category, the best options would probably be
Reaper with those axes: Reaper, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
Infiltrator with Chillstrifes (or similar Dervish): Infiltrator, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
or N&O Saboteur: Saboteur, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

but the first two are rather squishy and the third deals most of its dmg with procs

If you want tougher melee options, i’d look into phys, like Avenger Warlord/Archon/Warder, shield RF Shieldbreaker or Cadence Warlord, DW Warborn Warlord/Death Knight or RF Oppressor.


Thanks for answering. Yes I am specifically looking for DW cold, as I have enjoyed playing my DW Belgo BM lately and want to try some other dual-wield builds. After Z’s promise to revert Ra’Zin’s nerfs I am looking forward to that as well.

i’ll echo this from my casual playstyle/piloting Foehammer
i tried replacing both weapons on Dearthmarked with malkadar sword and spectral axe
and it felt more powerful from it
that said, i could still farm SR 65-66 in full deathmarked version so i wouldn’t consider it trash/worthless
i think it’s just sad that either phys res or conversion isn’t on 3part bonus, that might at least give some potential encouragement to use some of the set more

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Maybe make damage of DM weapons a split between physical and cold? Like on those spectral weapons.

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Deathmark set definitely need some buff. If it’s gonna be a WPS set, it should also provide Belgothian Shears modifier. It’s Axe has a room for such modifier. Some flat cold damage and %100 phys>cold modifier should be good enough since you rarely get %100 phys>cold conversion with this set. Only exception is Dervish since there is Cold RF conduit that also applies to WPS. Cold Cadence hit doesn’t apply to WPS.

Other thing I can suggest it’s set skill. I mean Silver Sentinel has it as proc, Vileblade has it as proc, Invoker set has it as proc why Deathmarked has active skill as RR? It’s definitely not QoL and creates some piano skill rotation in some setups.