>< DW Cold Dervish with Deathmark set/SR 85/Ravager of Flesh/Mogdrogen

I want to share my Deathmark Dervish with you. (Note that this is not a guide.) After Celestial Presence change this is probably the most balanced Deatmark variant among others.

Image from the game with perma buffs RF stacks + LA and PB.




There was a wall of text here that explains the gear choices I made when I first shared the build but I changed the build a lot after that so removed the text.

Important Details and Questions To Mention :

*I consider most gears are BiS, including Kuba pants with Amarasta’s Flurry suffix.

  1. You need to craft the Cold RF Whispers amulet with either Chaos, Bleeding or Acid resist. Other resistance variants are useless.

  2. Craft helmet with Stun resist,(amulet if you have resources&luck aswell)

  3. I consider getting CC resist is important so try to use a belt with OA and freeze resist; Aggressive/of Shadows or Rimefrost/of Attack are only options.

SR 85 Complete Run

No death but lucky boss room. Build is quite consistent in farming range.

Mogdrogen Kill

Just changed two augments into lightning one, used lightning resist potion and 1x aether cluster just the be safe at the end. You can use OA potions aswell to miss less.

Ravager of Flesh Kill

Used OA&DA, HP, Regen and Bleeding resist consumables along with 1x Aether Cluster and Adcth Potion. Also kited a bit at the end while waiting circuit breakers to be safe.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome.


interesting idea :smiley: though there is no cold damage support from Oathkeeper, it seems to be performing very well

Yeah RF damage should be higher. Maybe devs buff the modifier on the divine whispers. Doesn’t have good damage as Saboteur or Blademaster versions of the set. Cold Cadence performs much better because of the flat damage from Deadly Momentum and I saw 1,5M crits with an aggressive version Saboteur. But this one suits best with my playstyle. Though I also want to try the set with spellbreaker and witch hunter.

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can you link the builds?

Oh I never made a Deathmark BM, that was just an example though here is a recent one;

And I didn’t shared the Sabo nor kept the theorycraft but I remember the gears so made it again for you; https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2BmOEjN though it was before patch so OA was coming from Lethal Assault not PB, it was close to 2800. Now probably I would use galeslice’s medal aswell and maybe change some other things but it was a hard-to-play, glasscannon piano build so I couldn’t pass even SR 70 with it.

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Hey man, glad to see another member of Deathmarked family! :slightly_smiling_face:

I have to say this is a set I’ve tried many times and in every possible class, except Sabo. But my new Sabo perform well and DM is blocking N&O, so it’s not worth it. I also played Dervish but in early FG era.

Perhaps the best possible DM build (offensively) is 4 pieces + Korba helmet Trickster. Next is the Infiltrator, best overall build. BM is decent, perhaps a tad better than the Dervish. WH looks good on paper but ingame is behind BM. Reaper perhaps is surprisingly most underwhelmed choice. SB also should be good. Star Pact, spirit and Arcanist goodies. My bet is on par with Infiltrator. :thinking:


Old Sabo also perform well with SR set but again my Sabo wasn’t offering anything new so I just tried with Deathmark set, dps seemed low but then I saw the damage, especially crits with AQC and Execution and tried to improve it but didn’t get good results in SR because of my reckless playstyle probably and incompetence with glasscannon builds.

Trickster sounds good, never thought of it actually, might worth checking but Helmet is my favorite part of the set because of AQC, people doesn’t like it as 1 pointer but with invested it’s really a good damage source. I never played with infiltrator yet but probably works better than Dervish like you said. I thought MSoP might make the character tanky enough without giving up some damage so Spellbreaker worth checking. I have a different plan for reaper, probably very unique and looks good on paper but need some certain MI’s which I still couldn’t get. But it’s not the worst as you said; https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m23mP1nZ here my theorycraft with 4 pieced DM.

RN, I’m leveling a DK, I made some changes on your DW Vitality DK, looks better; then I’ll go for the Witch Hunter again a unique approach but not sure if it works better than other versions. But as you said DM Witch Hunter looks seriously promising on paper; here my theorycraft https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNY1D9AN but health and armor are too low for me.

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Do you guys know what you and I missed in these SR images? Apparently I forgot to activate chilling weapons buff from coldstones… I just didn’t add them to the hud and so didn’t activate them… DPS increase is 9k lol. I even surprise myself sometimes after proving how a person can be so forgetful and stupid :rofl: :rofl: I did SR 80 without them!! Ofc GT link is with activated buffs so there is no problem there, Damage tooltip images and SR runs are without the buffs.


Have you tried with more cunning for oa? And maybe lowering quick cut for more anatomy murder? something like this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVlm1k5Z

I like AQC and provides serious single target damage so lowering it’s chance and stats isn’t a good thing. And why? Build has 2900 OA, it’s enough.

It is decent oa, but if you increase OA for crit chance and also divine mandates you can increase damage that way. Just wondering if you tried such route or just went with high quick cut like from the start. Simplest would be to see practice dummy kill times

Dummy kill times isn’t a good way to measure how the crit damage and chance increase the total damage output between AQC. Because AQC has high crit chance too and with your setup WPS chance is %5 lower, WPS damage also is lower which will affect the time inconsistently in each try so I need to do a dozen of them and take the avarage, then do the same with the other setup then I can compare and get a decent result. I don’t think Divine Mandate is worth investing. It’s 7 skill points for %15 crit damage, you removed %10 from AQC.

I dumped physique from the start because build has low health, that’s why I invest those 4 points into Haven. But I can increase OA without givinp up on WPS points and health like this I guess; https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkmJxQV Only cost is 100 DA. So it’s worth to shot thanks.

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But then you would improving crit dmg on all other WPS’es

But the cost is lower damage except Execution. The main build has %99 wps chance; %1 normal AA chance. With your setup it will be %94 wps chance 3/4 wps deals lower damage; %6 only RF hit chance is bad because RF damage is not that good until maxing the charges.

Here the biggest crit of the character and apparently this one hit without coldstone buffs :smiley:

Lower base damage, but perhaps higher crit damage and crit chance can average out to make higher average damage over all?

81 deaths :smiley: Not even all my 14 chars together has that many

Most of them happened while leveling and with the Fire Dervish version and this character is the first and last character that I used merits to jump into elite at level 1 so; I was just trying the experience and regret it but leveled in Elite so I died a lot while doing that. It’s softcore, there is no cost.

And not without proper DA shred. Even 3k OA is just a decent value when you’re in SR 80. Not enough to crit too often to make a difference.


SR 81 Uncle Benn in chunks; Crit chance is no more than %12 with almost 3100 OA without any DA shred.

Edit 2: Changed the GT link and the Tooltip image with more OA version not identical as @Ulvar1’s suggestion but close. Didn’t make any new SR 75-76 runs but it should be much smoother when you consider the old runs done without coldstone buffs. I did 80 run with death’s waystone and pushed it as far as I can. Same run with the image above where I encountered Benn in 81 chunk. There was no sweat till 83 boss room, but couldn’t pass that one. Mutators wasn’t good but the boss combinations were too lethal. 2 Moosilauke, Valdaran and Fabius. Valdaran and Moosialuke came together and the rest is 1v4 massacre. Not sure why this build is having hard time againts Moosi, I understand the high cold resist but the damage he deals… Died 3 times then gaved up.

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sounds very nice. Camera trick op

Yeah if I had them 1v1 sure, could be done easily but when two came>I had to run from crystals>Valdaran transported me>Fabius came> I had to run> 2nd Moosie came. Fabius, Moosi, Kuba all have high cold resist. Also Moosies hits hard so there was nothing else I could do after that point. And you know, I don’t use camera abuse.

I know! I hate it feature but can not live without it :smiley:

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Updated for, added new 75-76 run.
Due to lack of AoE and SR changes, chunks are harder than boss rooms now. Made some changes to diminish these affects, build is still solid at 75-76, can do more like 85 or so but nothing much.
I tried Ravager. I died when he has %15-20 hp left because of missclick (stupid reflex mistake), it’s killable but you need to be very careful at second phase, I’ll try again when I’m having a good day because I need my reflexes perfect.
If you’re wondering how will this one perform in CR? It’s definitely not a crucible build, you need to make some changes to be successful there, like dropping AQC, taking BS, more offensive devotion route etc.