Upcoming Death Knight Set

Since next patch ( we are getting new item sets there’s a good possibility we’d get a new Legendary/Mythical Set for Death Knight

I don’t think a poll is going to make any impact on the set’s design but I am still curious regarding what damage type would you like that set to be focused on?

1. Cold-

Besides being a Arthas Menethil/The Lich King fanboy, I personally find the idea of Cold DK fascinating.
It adds diversity to Cold Melee playstyle which is currently dominated by Nightblade class due to having both Flat Damage and RR (along with WPS should one go for DW playstyle)

Also we lack a COLD SHIELD, and me along with a few other Cold Damage Type lovers have been asking for one for quite a while so this seems like a good time.

Even if we DO NOT get a Cold DK set, I’d love to see some 2h and S&B Cold Necromancer support added.

(Yes I am aware Frostmourne isn’t exactly a 1h weapon)

2. Vitality

Vitality based DK seems more likely since even now we can see few skill mods providing support for Vitality based Soldier Melee

I do not mind this but I sincerely hope they take into account the lack of Vitality RR in the mastery. As someone who played pre-buff Vitality Firestrike I can safely say Vitality based LMB is exceptionally piss poor without proper RR

Anyway, leave your opinion in the thread. I am curious if any other fanboy is out there :stuck_out_tongue:

Cold Death Knight actually sounds terrible when only Necromancer supports it and it’s through a transmuter to Drain Essence.

Vitality Death Knight set seems to be the most likely thing to happen and makes the more sense. Mainly because Aether Death Knight has Krieg’s set.

I do not mind this but I sincerely hope they take into account the lack of Vitality RR in the mastery.

Are you saying Soldier has no vit RR or Death Knight as a whole? Because Necromancer has vit RR in Spectral Wrath.

As for me I want a vitality set, many of people that i know want to build a vitality - based DK but due the lack of suited set put this idea on the back burner

This is the issue though - Spectral Wrath only provides -33% at 10/10 or -44% at 20/10 for the combination. Even if you add in Acid Spray and Rattosh from devotions, the most you reach is -81% or -92%.

This amount struggles to break the resistances on really Vitality resistant enemies like Void Leeches and especially endgame bosses like Kupacabra, Zantarin and to a lesser extent Moosilauke as examples. Vitality Death Knight would need extra from elsewhere such as skill modifiers or gear pieces (like Necrosis, Signet of the Fallen etc.).

On topic, I’d be fine with either. Cold would be awesome, Vitality would be awesome too. I’d prefer Cold though :stuck_out_tongue:

Definitely vitality, there aren’t enough items for melee vitality right now but there are already many ways to build cold attackers.
I’d kill for a good default attack replacer, some interesting skill modifiers for the Necro WPS or just a simple RR skill modifier to a melee DK skill.

Hope we will get solid support for vitality DK in upcoming patch. It is a nightmare to plan the build for Absolute with existing support in gear. :rolleyes:

It’s better than having nothing, like how neither Soldier and Necromancer have a Cold RR source. Breaking through Moosilauke, Fabius and Kubacabra would be even worse than doing the same with a Vitality variation against Kuba, Zantarin and Moosilauke.

As I said I am fine with Vitality DK I just hope we get some love for Cold DK

@Norzan Soul Harvest also has flat Cold damage but I get your point

I’m thinking it will be vitality but have some cold included. Most high end sets support 2x dmg types. Just one more than the other

I’ve wanted a dedicated Vit DK set since I first started mucking about with the DK.

Do people forget mark of rattosh is a thing that also reduces vit resist? Necro does get respectable Vit resist reduction just from those two alone.