**Updated w Video Link: Weird Vit Tank got up to 160 Crucible (no def buffs, no heal potions) before dying :D

Hey guys :slight_smile: I made a weird tank build intended to brutally stack defensive abilities. Here’s the GT link:

Here’s a video link: https://youtu.be/uIdWUcINoJ0

The defensive stats work like this:
Combined Maiven’s Sphere and Primal Bond for ~32% Damage Absorption.
15% Reduction to Enemy Damage (helm, wendigo totem)
Stone Form for 400 flat damage absorption
65% Phys Resist
25% Chance of impaired aim/fumble to enemies to mitigate damage entirely (Oblivion relic)
Mirror of Ereoctes for invulnerability panic button.

Wendigo Totem heals for 9%+980 HP 2x per second.
Twin Fangs heals
Tip the Scales heals
Wendigo’s Mark heals

This build’s damage is quite bad, but it doesn’t matter if the fight lasts a while because the character has so much sustain :open_mouth:

This build strips vit resistance by 125% to enemies, and damage comes from a combination of Oblivion (main attack), devotion procs and Storm Totems.

This is a bit of a lolzy build; an exploration into the idea of ‘perfect defense’, while trying to make it not an entirely useless tank potato.

euhhh WTF ? xD