Updating Old Epics to Mythical Status

Looks like most particular items that came to my mind were already mentioned, but I’ll list most desirable again: Stoneskin Girdle, Fanatic’s Overcoat, Mutagenic Seal, Nether Crown, Soulthief, any pierce gloves (Silktouch Handwraps or Shadow’s Grasp would be great). Additional to that I would like to mention Mistwalker Leggings and Decorated Pauldrons. IMO, the latter could be granted additional distinctive affixes.

Also, I have more general suggention. I think Epics need exclusive role in the game, not just being inferior to Mythicals. IMO, this role could be sets that occupy slots that are rarely used by Mythicals, such as boots, gloves and pants. There are already such sets, for example, Soothsayer, Marauder, Blazeseer and Eastern, but only minority of them are top level. We need more of them. I think it would be great to have a set of boots, belt, pants and medal.

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I’ve always been a huge fan of Soulthief’s model. Be cool to see this updated and/or have more weapons have similar skins < 3

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Empowered Devil’s Charm, with hopefully support for elemental damage as well.


Not sure if it was already mentioned but Hermit’s Legguards are pretty unique since they boost %all damage. Mythical version will act as nice placeholder for Arcane harmony or other legendary pants.


I’d like to see more items that provide damage conversion for pets (and ideally ones that don’t displace current sets). There’s not nearly enough of this. Converting chaos and aether damage are particularly hard, but there aren’t a lot of ways to convert in general. Maybe I’m just new to the game, but it feels difficult to do elemental builds with an Occulist/Necromancer that uses Skeletons even though it’s almost there. Generally, I’d like to have a lot more convert options in general for pets so it becomes more about choosing what pets you like with a theme.

Also, I was thinking about Golemancers in Diablo 2 and I was wondering if there was a way to have a Monster Infrequent or other item that gives additional and large bonuses to a pet if it’s the only one you have active. And maybe multiplies the pet bonuses it receives. It would be nice to have a single pet build be an option (I don’t think it is anywhere), and it would be good for hybrid play.

These gloves also need a mythical version and they should get attack speed considering their skill bonuses to Solalel’s Witchfire and Fabric of Reality.

I second this for the attack speed, this also help aether build that didnt want to use krieg or aetherreach gloves. Adding support for demo and/or inquisitor are also good in combination with Dreadscorcher.


I’d like to throw my hat into the ring for Mythical Oathbreaker set. The pieces are well-itemized and I’d love to use them at 94+.

Gunslinger’s Jacket was also great while leveling, would love to see that in later levels as well.

Finally, I also think that accessory sets and 2-3 piece sets in general (like Praetorian) are good for player choice and build variety. I’d love to see more of these as a whole.

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Has anyone mentioned wanting a Mythical Lifebloom Band yet? Could be pretty cool;

Best roll maybe something like;
+1000 HP
+75ish HP regen/sec
Increase health regen by 18%
19% Chaos res
27% Vit res
32% Bleed res
+3 Oak Skin
+3 Mend Flesh
+3 Tenacity of the Boar


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I can’t say the intent of this thread was to bring any old sets to Mythical status, but there seems to be an overwhelming demand for the Oathkeeper set (the Apothecary has already been confirmed), so we’ll make that happen too!


Please don’t forget the Marauder set.

yep, and keep it away from those pesky grubby inquisitors.


Let’s make this item about unspeakable chthonic heresy.

Yup, sounds like an inquis item.

Defiance mace should get a mythical version. It is for a very unique aether + chaos combination.
And the Blackwood Wand also.
And Cosmic Invoker as well.

would also want to see soulthiefs’s as mytical lvl 94 version since there arent many 3 elemental type wapons

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This belt Warpath Girdle is the only level 50 belt with +soldier skill that didn’t have empowered and/or mythical version. Can be a nice option if there is a 82 or 94 version of this belt.

No, I use it for EoR in one of my builds here. Stun Jacks you can change if there is no build with it.

Seems to me like another snowflake wants it for something different.

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Thank you all for your contributions to this discussion!

At this time, we are working on finalizing v1.1.7.0 for release, so further changes will not be considered for the update.

If you have feedback regarding items, you are always welcome to post a feedback thread discussing it, as usual.

Gosh, I can’t quite put my finger on why drama seems to circulate around you. I’m sure it will come to me.