Upgrade homestead with out auto

I can’t click the upgrade icon and upgrade shelters unless the autoupgrade is on, am I missing something?

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Nope, you’re not missing anything. There’s no way to manually upgrade a house; you need to turn the auto upgrade back on so they will.

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Looks like I need to move this to feedback / suggestions.

I agree. It should be possible to allow manual upgrade of houses. If you don’t have a lot of resources, you want to do this one by one. If I allow 5 houses at once, I can’t do anything else for a year.


It is probably a bug, if you suddenly disable the auto upgrade, then suddenly all the houses start upgrading, with the problems raising.

Personally i have a hard time with supplying my houses with 2 different types of food, so i often get downgrades.

so manually upgrades would be really nice… would also prefer if citizens in houses that no longer meet the requirements would become unhappy instead of the house becoming abandoned.

afterall we dont all just leave our houses when the grass needs moving :slight_smile: and return once some kind person has fixed it.


I second this… I click autoupgrade and end up resource poor. One by one manual upgrades are a must have.

But would that not be cheating??? :slight_smile:

It’s very unfortunate (and confusing) that when you click a house to open the info panel, there is a golden arrow button “the Shelter is ready to be upgraded” but it is not, in fact, a (functioning) button… It just does nothing.

Seems like choosing structure upgrades manually should be a base function? Unless I’m missing something?

Necro bump because this issue still exists and I do not like auto-upgrade. Right now the game is confusing as you would assume it is possible to manually upgrade, and by the time you realize the function is not working, you’ve spent quite a lot of time scratching your head. I can’t be the only one, this is not good.

No need to bump. Did you read the State of Early Access #6?

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