upgrade windows 7 to 10?

Will this affect old games I have on steam or gog?

Maybe, it depending form game to game. Some old games will have problems working on windows 10 (even some new games have).

I had WC1 working on Win10 through DosBox no problem.

Best way to find out is checking what the users say on gog and Steam regarding those games. At least you will not get DRM problems.

Thank everyone who contributed.

I vote against “upgrading” to Windows 10. There have been a lot of complaints when trying to run older games normally with Win 10 whereas Windows 7 you can still just pop in the installation disc and press Play after it’s done. The only real reason to go with Windows 10 is if you plan on playing more DX12 games than the rest. If DX12 is a must-have for you, then go with Windows 10, otherwise, just stay with what works.

Update are good.

some tips for windows 10 http://pc4u.org/avoiding-forever-upgrading-to-windows-10/

Most problem people have when trying to play older games on Win10 is when said game needs a disc for checking the copy protection. The major update to Win10 that should soon arrive should also make Win10 more friendly to gamers.

I haven’t had any issues playing any games yet and as far as “older games” that depends on what you mean I guess. As mentioned above if you’re talking about DOS Era games then DOSbox should already be a part of your vocabulary. Havent had any issues running nes/snes and other assorted emulators either.

As far as anything else I see no reason why they wouldn’t work and if they do have some odd issues, as a wise man once said, Google is your friend. Use it. For the things Google censors, such as torrent sites that may have the solution to make older games playable, then use Duckduckgo.com for your search needs. The answers are out there.

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It’s free until July 29th, then $120 to upgrade. Just a reminder.

Personally the only issue I’ve had in upgrading was on an older laptop (6+ years). It just displays a blank screen with sound for a lot of games. I suspect it has something to do with flaky switchable graphics support.

I’ve done dozens of work desktop/laptop upgrades and not one single issue.

Again, as people above have said, it will depend on the game.

I just upgraded from Win8 64-bit to Win10 - quite literally just finished moments ago. Haven’t had time to check it out much, but I already like the hybridized start menu.

My computer is a 2011 mac desktop with bootcamp partition of the windows 7. I have heard some other people say that there is a problem sometimes with bootcamp and windows 10. I will not upgrade I guess “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. If later I need to pay to get windows 10 it will probably be with a new computer or maybe I’ll go to consoles as gaming isn’t real important to me anymore.

No problem with Windows 10 (wich should be rather named Windows 8.2)
And I was a fan of Win XP sp3.