Upgrading/deconstructing, priotritization issue and clay

Really would like to decontruct the same way we contruct, it’s difficult when you’ve just accidentaly set a fence where you dont want it or it just doesn’t work (or a road, but it eventually works for the set). Also, few bugs when trying to select resources, really difficult to select, doesn’t always work

Prioritization does not seem to actually work. If I prioritize a building, or, say a tree, why do all of my available workers (labourers not builders) go to work on a wall that I was just building to replace the other wall and did not prioritize? And, if I ordered, build a wall around the crops, and have to prioritze every single wall instead of as a whole, why? just why? Clay I tried three times to reset map to include clay- which is mega important, cannot seem to find, no matter how far i send out my roads…ugh

I hear you and agree 100% with the Clay issue as I had one at startup but I have now depleted it yet I still need 100 to progress to tier 3?