Upgrading Town Hall to T3

I have all the things needed but the upgrade option in greyed out

Screenshot might help… sometimes there’s a gotcha that’s not always so obvious.

No, you don’t. You don’t have 2,000 gold - it’s red.

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The game can be confusing on how upgrades are handled Chris. Some upgrades allow you to upgrade without having necessary supplies immediately available. Others, require all costs to be immediately available before you’re allowed to upgrade. I think it’s tied to those which require gold to upgrade, but am not positive.

It’s more a case of some are requirements (which must be met) and costs (which must be paid). Thus you can order an upgrade once the requirements are met but you might not have the necessary goods to build it immediately. The problem in this case is that the costs must also be met upfront, meaning they are also requirements and not just costs.

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