Upheavel, crits and other WPS.

I’m using Savagery. If i understand correctly, every time Savagery crits Upheavel triggers automatically, and this doesn’t leave space for other WPS, which can only trigger when Savagery doesn’t crit. Is it correct?
So i can never have a Feral Hunger or other WPS that crits, is that right?

Trying to create an Avenger set Warder with Upheavel, and i’m trying to understand if the skill modifier of the amulet Myth Doombringer “+40% Crit damage to Feral Hunger” is a waste or not.

it’s the other way around, Upheaval is a wps but it’s chosen “last” so to speak and can only proc if another wps didn’t, so on a Feral Hunger proc, crit or not, Upheaval cannot also proc. it’s a clunky skill but I think it’s an issue with the game engine.

yet it’s a 100% chance to proc on crit, so if it can overlap itself it should be ground shaking 24/7 assuming you have no other wps procs?

Ok, thanks for the reply, i didn’t know this. In this case a full WPS pool (4 WPS at 25%) means no Upheaval at all. So it’s better to have few WPS )and a high OA) if one want to see Upheaval procs at a reasonable rate.

exactly, and i’m thinking because it has no CD and a duration it should be around you literally all the time (if you remove other wps)

Upheaval will not activate itself.