Uroborruk's Reaping - Reaping Arc Discussion

I don’t disagree. However, the claim goes for both sides, meaning both sides need to present proof. And while your second statement is also true, that doesn’t mean you’re exempt from presenting proof if you’re on the “no changes” side.

This conversation is silly so I’ll stop with this last post. If you want me to make an RA build, I can do that and run crucible but I’m a bad pilot so it’ll be somewhere like 10min, which proves nothing. You’ll accuse me of intentionally playing bad to skew results. If I make a BA build, same thing. This is what @Snazzblaster was referring to.

The better way to approach this if you think RA is too strong, show your results. I want to see RA outperform BA builds like you think it does. My opinion is, BA is still better: we know that from forum builds made by veterans. RA should also be decent to even compare, and it looks fine to me now. Read: It’s not OP. You’re welcome to prove me wrong.

I get the feeling that Oppressor with converted RA is going to be completely busted. Double phys RR, complete disregard of armor, and you get the fat crit from divine mandate on top of it.


Aren’t you the one who’s accusing me of anything here? I haven’t even seen you results yet. I know the difference between a good and a bad pilot and that’s not even the topic here.

Oh don’t worry. One build was already posted. The next few days will have more builds posted too. And it’s not just me working on it.

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Binders are just the beginning. Wait until you see the first Deathknights, Witchblades and Warlords with 100% physical conversion. You only need 3 Items and a component for that.
A spamable skill with 245% WD and it ignores armor. Enemies have low phys res.
It’s easy to reach 40k WD.


There are a lot of builds coming, I’ve already seen over a dozen on Discord.
Testers do feel the opportunity here and make RA builds of all damage types.

245% seems a tad too high / easy to get and that’s coming from item skills’ lover (Item skills).
Maybe decreasing Weapon Damage and increasing flat a bit instead?

Other component skills are still strong with far less weapon damage although
they do have more AoE / flat and I’m not melee / Blade Arc player so I’m not sure
how more damage melee skill should have as a compensation.

Anyway, so far I’ve made

Chaos Reaping Arc

Grim Tools

In Crucible it’s also strong but I’m too lazy to get a proper time there atm.

I also used Reaping Arc as a filler skill in Fire Shieldbreaker with buffed
Barthollem’s Gavel but it’s not flat damage focused so it won’t properly
measure this skill potential. But it’s cool to melee with Guardians together.


Lets also not forget that RA doesn’t require any skill point investment, unlike BA, obviously. So it only makes sense for a fully invested skill with multiple skill mods to be not outperformed by a granted skill.

Like, for example, Obliteration can’t beat AAR, can it?


Too bad seal of void can not activate from Reap arc :frowning:

nothing nothing nothing

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I’ll say that there’s a big difference between these two and Uroboruuk relic. The former two are components, meaning they don’t take a big spot in one of your item slots because weapon components in general aren’t major game changers (there are a few that are but are the minority). Meanwhile, the relic slot is a pretty important item slot which has an handful of options, each with their own boons, for a lot of builds (some types just end up using the same one everytime though) meaning to use Reaping Arc they have to sacrifice an important item slot.

It’s getting nerfed regarless though. lol

It’s not as big as you think. Usually the difference between relics of the same damage type is just the class it gives +1 to and the granted skill. On non aether builds it’s a bigger difference but that’s why aether is the best RA build.

It depends. Sometimes the difference is marginal, like in the Chaos build I posted,
when you have all skills capped anyway and a lot of %damage.
Sometimes I feel people overestimate losing relic slot a bit,
Yet Oblivion is a great addition very often.

Yeah. I was mainly talking in the context of aether and maybe vit (but vit melee sucks) but if you go deeper down the rabbit hole then it becomes bigger if you deviate from the intended damage type and necro in general. Tho it’s fair to think of aether when comparing to biting blades/chillspikes cause builds that mained those mostly limited themselves to their own types too.

Working as intended. Before stating it’s OP just test it with different builds. For example aether battle mage. :wink:

Aww, they changed the skill?
Guess I won’t do that piano build then.

Speaking on the old cd version. It’s not massive in the grand scheme of things but it is a hit to melee-based Vitality Decay users (casters have plenty of sources, they shouldn’t care I’d think).

There’s no strong relic I can think for Decay not that isn’t reliant on conversion, not that more than 2 or 3 people play Decay anyway.

Edit: Ignore the above, I’m a complete idiot. Was going off of memory and thought RA just had the weapon damage and Aether/Vitality damage.

I feel that if the numbers were as low as is being suggested here, the complaints would instead be about how Crate changed the skill from useless to still useless, idiots devs…

If the numbers end up out of whack in some build I didn’t think of…oh no? We’ll address it? But if everything ends up in the 4-5:30 range…I mean…do you guys want new viable options competing with existing top builds or not?


I’m fine with current relic state until it will be proven the opposite.

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It works, used it on a 100 Reaper, 65-66, miss the resists on Serenity, and the movement ability of EOR / Yugol. I would say it is fair as is.

Melts things faster than EOR / Yugol, but you have to know when to run, and not get trapped. (I miss that sometimes lol)


I like the change of the skill. It opens new possibilities. But I think a skill to proc WPS is much more necessary. Like Beronath Fury. There are a just a few items for that. Same with Scourge Strike.