USB peripherials not working with usb switch v0.8.0 P5


steam installed p5 today, and since then i cant play the game at all. I am using an usb switch to share my peripherials (keyboard, mouse and headset) between my PC and my working notebook. When i start the game everything is ok for a few seconds, than the sound breaks and the mouse stop working. If i connect them directly, everything is fine, and i can use my usb switch outside of the game perfectly.

I reaaaally doubt that’s a problem with the game. But who knows, maybe I’m wrong, but I really doubt it.

Everyting works fine with any other program/game or web browser. I dont use any mods with FF. I had no such problem with the previous version of the game. :slight_smile: I don’t understand either, but I have no other idea.

I don’t know how the game, or that update in particular, could have an effect on such things.

Hello Zantai,

i cant understand it too, but i want to mention it. I haven’t experienced this at any other time except when I launch the game. Maybe some of the forum users have a solution or an idea :slight_smile:

What switch/dock are you using ?

Hello Yilmas,

My problem is solved, I just forgot to report it. It wasn’t the Switch, and neither was the game. I have SteelSeries peripherials and i am using SteelSeries GG sofware. It has an “add-on” called Moments (some kind of “auto gameplay capturing” function). The last update turned it on. When i turned it off, the problem went away (I already sent it to SteelSeries).


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