Using animal traps

Your knowledge is in demand, who knows what you can catch with the animal traps? Because it stands for smaller animals, so they’re not for deer and there aren’t any smaller animal species, at least I haven’t discovered anything else yet.

They don’t tell you the species, just that you can trap for small game. Realize that trapping will take ANY hunter within the area of the trap away from hunting big game. I use the higher level trappers for the amount of skins they produce.

The traps generate a catch every now and then of «small game». They don’t exist on the map as moving independent objects :slight_smile: but when the hunter returns from the trap he is carrying it. T2 lodge It’s generally not worth it IMO as it does not increase meat catch over just hunting deer but it does increase pelts caught, but at the expense of tallow.

So if I understand correctly, if the trap is placed in the deer’s area and the hunter has hunted a deer, the trap gives a fur bonus so that the hunter gets more fur from the deer than usual

It doesn’t need to be in deer area. Think of it as traps generate furs + small amount of meat. Mid/late you want to have some to keep up with shoes and jackets production.


So the traps generate furs and some meat from time to time, regardless of where they are, but have you tested how long they remain until they are broken and new traps have to be produced?

They are there some time, hard to say but definitely not 1-time use. Long term they pay off, 1 hunter can generate over 20 furs a year!

Yes, I examined it more closely and as you say, it’s really worth it because it generates fur itself, so at least you can increase fur production without having to build a lot of hunters for it. Anyway, I was wondering how to meet the growing demand for furs, since until recently the traps had a bug and didn’t work , Thank you for the information :wink:

Fence the boars and put watchtower and 2 hunters next to it :slight_smile: Great source of food and furs.

Barns - don’t upgrade them! 2 small barns (2x 4 peeps / 10 cows) generate more than 1 big barn (8 peeps / 20 cows)

And traps!

I converted all my hunters to trappers. I have 4 barns and slaughter 2 cows from each barn each year as I get 2 born in barn per year as well. Huge supply of meat every year. This is going to be toned down in the next patch though.

@ Lordy Lord

you would have to fence in a larger area to keep the boars in that spawn because the boars don’t spawn randomly in one place, does it make sense to fence in so much

Mate I do it all the time! Do 10x10 fence around boar icon (like it’s in the middle). Send your hunters to kill all boars outside the fence. Wait. Win.

I wouldn’t really convert all of them to traps, just as many as you need to keep up with furs.

If so, I’ll give that a try when I get a chance :wink:

I found there are some quirks to using the barns to their maximum effect.

If you use the ‘set herd size’, and let the herders do the slaughtering themselves, you may be missing out on half the birthrate of new cows.

I found that setting the herd size to 18, regularly renders two births per year, while setting the herd size to 20, and manually culling back to 16 each year results in a third calf being born each year.

50% more raw meat to send to the Smokehouses every year, just by doing the culling manually, over letting the game take care of it.

Setting a Tower near a patch of Wolf lairs, but not close enough to destroy them, with one or two Hunter cabins behind it, will render so many carcasses and so much raw meat that you don’t need deer or cows.

It’s about 1.5 hunters per den to clear it and not waste anything. But then I was very unlucky with wolf dens on my last playthroughs.

Placing a Tower can cause a lot of waste because it never stops killing any and all wolves in its radius, but five or six wolf dens together like they sometimes come can still provide plenty of goods.

I had my two remote hunters there running carcasses back to town’s original four Hunter Cabins for storage because theirs were full, with little time for butchering meat.

I think I placed the tower too close, even though it didn’t bother the dens themselves, the wolves would still aggro-up and come in one right after the other to the slaughter.

They kept respawing though.

Trust me, i would have like 10 hunters dealing with it :slight_smile:

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It appears one of my hunters is on a spree, beating the high score. With 2 traps set, he’s making 52 furs a year :slight_smile:

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