Using Both Primal Strike and Savagery 2h Melee

Thanks for the help making a Primal Strike build guys, another question popped up though. Has anyone tried out or does anyone currently run a 2h melee build utilizing both savagery and primal strike (obviously without thunderous strikes)? Seems like you could charge up some nasty primal strikes, at the cost of lots of skill points.

If so:
Link a grimcalc/build if possible
What’s the best secondary class to pair with shaman?
How viable is it compared to focusing on just one / is it worth spreading skill points so thin?

Thanks in advance!!! Such a helpful community

Why do u want to use both skill? Eating too mutch skill point for nothing…

Actually, i thought about using both as RANGED.
Melee has a serious disadvantage - he has to waste some time to run&attack. Savagery has very short duration and you’ll waste your precious time for running after ranged monsters. It may be too inefficient.

Idea isnt actually bad. Savagery provides its bonuses globally, and among others, there is 8% physical damage resist and +10% more damage and decent boost to lightning damage. Also, using Savagery against single targets means you wont drain your energy dry as quickly.
Sure, you can level up skills like Mogdrogen’s Pact, but will it be more effitient way to spend points? In endgame, life regen from it is useless and energy regen is very weak (compared to what you get from gear).

I will give it a try when i’ll level my Conjurer up (ATM at level 40 he’s oneshotting whole packs anyway).
But i think it’s viable only for ranged, not for melee.

u can pop a few in the savagery line to buff a transmuted primal.

might of the boar or sternght of bear w/e. u only need 1 stack to get full benefit of the +10% total dmg modified, 8% physical resist and 10% ias.

these bonuses will apply to primal strike spam as long as u keep up at least one stack of savagery. you will be weaving in 1 hit of savagery every few hits of primal

you need very few extra skill points to achieve this, it does open up an extra ability to bind devotion abilities to, ableit wont be a great procer.

its probably more annoying to do than it is effective but its one way to use both.

I’ve been playing a warder with that build. A 2h melee savagery + primal strike build, heavy on lightning. Can’t post link… new here. But I basically went full points on savagery, primal strike and stormcallers with 1 point each on the rest of the line.

It does a considerable amount of dmg, bout 2.2-4k base, after 8 levels of charge. But I have problems with survivability. Even after using the lifesteal from the bat devotion and healing from behemoth. Heck I couldn’t even kill alkamos at lv40.

I am also running a 2H warder with savagery as my main attach and primal strike as my secondary…

I am also running briarthorn pet and wendigo totem.

just finished veteran. i am a bit squishy as i didnt focus on my resistances at all otherwise it is going pretty smoothly…

I have been swinging the RazorLeaf Glaive but just picked up the falcon’s claw so thinking about going to pure primal strike…

no links as first post…

Couldn’t stand it anymore, respecced into a pure primal strike build. Couple minutes after that a prismatic eviscerator dropped. Its a sign you know. our lord empyrion hath spoken.

full physical primal is alot stronger while lvling than lightning. u dont have enough conversion yet, and kraken gives a ton of physical dmg. buy a yellow high lvl mace from vendor with IAS.

i’m lvling one right now.
but seriously 5k dps at lvl 31 is lol.

Thanks might do that. didnt know what devotion to go into, after chariot and behemoth, was planning to go into spear of the heavens, but I don’t see alot of people using it.

Some more info on my build… lots of areas where i could move points around too. working more on my resists now too…

Grim Calc


The speed and +1 to shaman has keep this sword in the rotation even though others state they do way more damage.
I have been using solder as the secondary mainly for the menhir’s will…

I toss down the wendigo totem, hit mob with forcewave followed by primal strike, start building up savagery and repeat…
on bosses i also have abolish evil, sacred strike, and gavel of justice to pound on them…

So far the Razorleaf Glaive has outperformed both of these items… it is just too fast compared to them…

I do now have this item that has me thinking of going full primal strike though…

First toon since the release so i have just been rolling along without thinking of anything so any suggestions of changes that would help, feel free to post…

sure, it’s super high dps. My Warder uses Savagery + blade arc. Same conecpt, but physical.
The problem is survivability.

You NEED to go defensive in devotions. Turtle, Behemoth, Tip of Scales, Resistances.

combined with blitz (warder) you have a really fast killspeed.

pretty good class.

btw: my only savagery warder had 20k dps at lvl 60. 5k at 31 is nothing special honestly. numbers arent everything.

Don’t talk out of your ass when you dont know how skills work. Savagery charges buff ur other attack (blade arc, Primal Strike) which have CD.

Exactly numbers arent everything ur savagery dps is single target i was showing a transmuted primal dps. Anyway not some d*k measuring contest, just happened to be lvling also so showing what a yellow vendoring physical weapon can do with rest of gear being random self found while lvling.

Dps goes up exponentially as u lvl, 20k single target at 60 with a bunch of legendaries supposed to be high or something?

jajaja are you going to go druid or warder? or trying both?