[v.]Bomber fire saboteur

to preface this id like to say that I have had a lot of fun with this build only that it hasnt been tested in high SR. I wanted to make a build that uses a lot of skills from demo while still having the core nightblade in tact. The cold versions have better synergy with the ortus and nex set but its still quite allright as fire.


The items:
Neck: Vilgazors heart (you can also take ulzuins)
Rings: myth sapphire and ruby of elemental balance
Head: Justice set
Chest: Justice set
Shoulder: Justice set
Pants: Myth legwraps of tranquil mind
Hands: justice
Belt: Cinderplate girlde
Feet: Myth wyrmscale footguards
Medal: Myth mark of divinity or korvaaks brand or anything firey
Relic: Korvaak
Weapons: Ortus and Nex or go with blazeheart and kirlians skullbreaker

playstyle: pneumatic always up and use firestrike to get to your target. You throw down a carpet of thermite mines cast mortar cast ABB, flashbang, BWC, blazing eruption, firestrike it to death.

Some pointers in building: I went for double seal of blades for pierce res armor increase and lifesteal. With the current setup its ~3 k da and ~3k oa with flashbang up. Components in the rings are optional as i simply ran out of mats to make something proper.

Upsides and downsides:
+many mechanics that save your life
+nightblade with firestrike

-requires quite some gear to even perform correctly

crucible(coming soon)



I have to say that leveling you might want to start of ranged and use firestrike. Max brimstone for aoe and farm gear. If you do wanna go dual wield from the get go you can also use cold/pierce(nightblade supports this) until you get some more items.

For starter fire weapons are the legion firestarters from black legion. But i don’t recommend going fire dual wield from the start. Unless you run into really good gear with conversion from pierce to fire or just good firegear in general.

The problem is with a saboteur you don’t have seal but you have blastshield which isnt always up like the seal. In crucible you have to kite quite a bit its not like a facetank all the way through if you expect that then don’t play this. Also if you don’t have core stats: res armor lifesteal physres slow resist stunres.

Also no ultimate skill like a inquisitor has aura of censure and oathkeeper divine mandate. Overal i think i would next make a dervish if i would make anything out of all the nightblades.

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