V0.7.5 only a single builder working upgrading roads from dirt to cobble

My gut feeling says that only a single builder will work on building dirt roads since they seem to be so slow but no verification or tests done as of yet.

300 stone in the bank.
30+ laborers.
2 of 10 assigned as builders. Only multiple segments of road + 1 building project active.
Multiple roads being upgraded to cobble yet only a single builder actually working on them.

I have a feeling that only a single builder will ever work on roads at all.

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Yes, they can be slow, but if you delete a dirt road and lay a cobbled, rather than upgrading the road already there, that tends to speed things up and I think it’s because more builders work on it.

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Only roads set to upgrade and no buildings being constructed. 1 of 10 builders.
I create 4 new straight cobble roads on top of these, still 1 of 10 builders.

Mostly. Except short bursts of activity:

While monitoring the road construction there are short bursts of multiple builders that always fall back to 1. They seem to take on the job of stocking build site. But they didn’t stock the newly created they went for the older ones being upgraded first.

Mid game so I wont start a new save to test it buy my theory is that somehow only one worker can ever actually build any road. But if you have multiple smaller segments between actual constructions others can carry materials to different work sites. Once construction starts new carry material jobs are postponed.

Multiple smaller roads or straight cobble instead of dirt compared to longer stretches only saves time in carry materials phase and not actual road construction. This is also why you seem to see a rush of workers when creating dirt roads at first and then nothing being finished for a long time. Workers rush to clear rocks, trees and bushes but once that’s done you will have a single poor chap stuck doing the rest of the job.

This issue is resolved in an upcoming update, following v0.7.6.


Glad to hear that, looking forward to it!

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