[v0.7.5c] Buildings' health drops to 33%, some are completely destroyed after loading a save

I’ve tried to load my three most recent save files but they get the same problem: the buildings’ health drops to about 33%, some are completely destroyed for unknown reasons. Moreover, the repair cost is too high.

I have the same problem every time I load my save. It´s so sad…

@Francis_Ha i had it also.

I just rebuild the houses/ buildings.
Some houses and buildings where fixed by the people.

But watch-out it cost a lot of stock ( Wood, planks, gold, stone, bricks

Cost to repair is a percentage of the total cost to build, so it’s cheaper to repair. Just crank up the number of builders you have. I usually turn off all my non-essential industry and make them all builders.

I found that the repair costs increased with the update. Repairing a normal house is 11 logs by 33% integrity, while building a new house is 10 logs.

I thought it seemed a bit high. I wonder if that’s because it’s repairing well over 100%? Which is fine then if I don’t have to repair for twice as long the second time.

I’m haven’t paid attention to how long the integrity will last.

There is a work around that others suggested that is to “move” the building to the same spot it stands. Integrity is back to 100% without any repairs necessary.

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