[v0.7.5f] Barn won't slaughter cows

I’ve just noticed that my barn workers don’t slaughter cows anymore. My town is dying out because of starvation. I tried relocating the barns, dividing the herds but they didn’t help. The slaughtering only occurs randomly. I don’t know if this is a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

Here is the link of the whole save folder:

Loading your save, your barn is full on tallow (not sure why the full storage icon isn’t showing up over the barn, so we’ll have to look at that…I did see it when loading though), and your town has no space left for Tallow.

Because of this, the barn has nowhere to drop off produced items, and so it cannot process more cows.

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I’ll check that, thanks for your quick reply!

The building icons have been hit and miss for the last couple of hotfixes… Sometimes they’ll show, sometimes they won’t(yes I know F2 but you can hit F2 all you want doesn’t fix it) Sometimes the full icon will show… sometimes it won’t… Same with the building upgradable icon… that one usually won’t show unless you reload your save

Yeah, I experienced this recently where upon loading save games the building notifications aren’t always accurate. I have had farms that are diseased with no notification right next to a farm that had the notification displaying, and my Tier 2 Trading Post keeps telling me the storage is full even if I only have a handful of items in it (20 or so shoes in storage).

On top of your storage problem your milking is set to no.

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