v0.7.5F Brick Root Cellar description error regarding needing tools

The brick root cellar, an upgrade from the root cellar, says in the description that tools are needed “to work efficiently at this building.” There are no worker slots of any kind in this building, thus tools cannot be equipped by anyone so this text is misleading.

Thanks for the report!

The Storage Cart (unique storage on wheels item you can’t make more of) also has this in the description yet there is no manning requirement. I also noticed the descriptions in the built building are more complete than the descriptions in the popup on mouse over event in the build selection UI. Players should see a full description of a building before deciding to build it more than waiting until after they’ve built it.

The Saw pit and firewood splitters are two other buildings (and there are more) that say tools are needed to work efficiently. I have these manned up and tools in the inventory but the workers here don’t equip them, yet efficiency is up to 97% and 96% respectively.

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