[v0.7.5f] Stuck on loading screen when starting over with random new map

When i´m starting over with a random new map from within a running game i´ll be stuck on the loading screen (i waited at least 10min) and the only thing to do is pressing ALT-F4.

[Edit]: when it´s stuck my screen keeps flickering

[Edit]: it also happens when i leave a game to the main menu and want to start a new game from there

Make sure that you have enough RAM memory available and that nothing else is significantly using your CPU, as the game can freeze or at least become very slow if that happens, making loading times much longer or even indefinite. This essentially applies to all programs, but this game can just spike its CPU usage quite heavily and consume quite a bit of RAM as well.

I guess 16GB should be enough? There´s nothing else running in the background.

Yeah should be fine as long as not too much else is running, as I’ve seen the game using between 6 - 12 Gigs, depending on city size, map size and so on.

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