V0.8.3a Trading post type in number changes game speed again

Getting again where I type in 20 for transfer to the trading post and it’s changing the game speed. Strangely it doesn’t go down to x2, but to x1 from x3. Seems it might be that specific figure because when I typed in 225 it didn’t change it. Also 20 was for a new transfer while the 225 was upping beer from 150 already in the trading post.

Edit: It seems very variable, doesn’t happen all the time. Weird. I’ll try verifying the game files, see if that does anything. Also when I hit 3 to go back to x3 speed it only goes up to x2. To get to x3 I have to hit 4.

Edit: Made no difference. This time it wasn’t 20. I typed in 50 twice for 2 different items, 75 for another and 100 for another and one of them set the speed to half speed.

Curiously, something similar happened to me, I entered the trade, I started transferring tables and the speed increased, and the same thing happened when I transferred the gold to the local store, the speed slowed down

Cannot reproduce this, what are the steps to make this happen?

For me, just adding/amending the number of items I want moved into the trading post. I don’t think I transferred any gold to/from the trading post.

I saved both times I noticed this so I don’t know if these will help you or not Zan. Also not sure I’ve done them properly; tried a different method this time. If not, let me know and I’ll do it again my usual way.

This one is the first change I noticed along with the map

The second is just the second instance of it without the map since it’s the same map as before.

I’ll start a new town on the same map seed and see if I can make it happen again.

The escape button in the textfields is not handled properly.

To reproduce this:

  • click the trading post
  • click ‘Transfer Items’ for any item
  • click into one of the textfields
  • enter a number
  • press Escape

This will set the value in the textfield to zero and remove the focus from it.
But more importantly, pressing 1,2,3,4 on the keyboard will result in speed changes now, although the trading window is still open.

e: to clarify: if you click the textfield again, you can now enter a value that will also change the game speed in parallel.

@medea_fleecestealer Is it possible you pressed Escape while encountering this?

Nope, I hit confirm when I do this.

Oh, ok. Then the escape-thing is a different bug. Should be fixed too though, I guess. :slight_smile:

Good repro, thanks!

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