V0.8.3p5 - Sand disappearing?

Sand pit says we gained 51 this year, yet I have 30 on the settlement items board. No sand is being sent to the Trade Center and I don’t have a glassmaker. Where does this sand go to? Lost this year is also 0.
Assuming sand doesn’t spoil, no villagers have left the settlement, no glassmaker and sand hasn’t been sold, what else could be using up the inventory? Does sand silently spoil?

Did you adjust the clay vs. sand ratio on your fields? If yes, then I think farmers ‘stole’ your sand. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Is this true?
Even when I don’t have sand or clay being mined I’m able to adjust the sand/clay ratio although I can’t be certain it actually changed when I did that without ‘resources’.
So if you don’t have the resource, does the soil mixture just wait like a wall that hasn’t been built?

Yeah, I’m pretty sure the farmers will only change the soil mixture, when clay/sand are actually available.

I can’t test it right now, but maybe someone else can confirm this.

Sounds right. After all, can’t add sand or clay if you don’t have any in storage can you?

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Confirmed. I was trying to stockpile Clay last night and had the farmers take about 100 clay out of my storage over a year to ‘fertilize’ the fields. Took me a bit to figure out where the clay was going, since I thought I had shut down all clay usage. Forgot about the farmers . . .

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I suppose this all makes sense, logically. Still, it would be nice to see exactly how much of which resource is being used by those fields. I’ve not nearly 500 hours in and honestly, I had no idea this was where these resources were going, not to mention, I still don’t know how much these fields are taking to get to the mixture in question. More detailed intel would be greatly appreciately.

Well, it tells you when you add either. Every click adds 10 so if you click twice for Sand then you’re going to be adding 20 to that particular field.

Now that you pointed that out, I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever looked at it closely enough to interpret that. But yes, I can see where that detail is exactly what I was expressing. Go figure! It is absolutely there. Albeit a bit subtle, it is definitely there.