[v0.9.2d] Milk from Goat Farm not being transferred out?

I have a Goat Farm producing a bunch of milk, but no one is bringing the milk out.

The farmers are always herding, milking goats, or stocking feed.

I have a root cellar right next to it that accepts milk, and then another root cellar next to the market that accepts milk with a minimum quota of 100 milk.

I have 17 laborers just wandering, unable to work, despite there being a storage quota that needs filling. They are taking the other food from one cellar to the other, but the milk is all just spoiling in the Goat Farm.

App ID: 1044720
Build ID: 14175390

I just noticed when clicking the milk in the resources menu, it says “Missing workers”. What does this mean? I have herders and laborers.

Try adding another couple of goat herders, you only have 2 and are nearly at max for goats.

So I realized that immediately after making the post, but it’s been like 6 years in game with 4 herders and still experiencing the same results. The majority of my milk lives and dies in the Goat Barn.

I really think something isn’t right here, probably related to the resource menu that says milk is “missing workers”.

Try setting a minimum quota of ten on the root cellar closest to the goat barn. This may trigger herders to move it there, and once there, the labourers will move it to the one next to the market with the 100 minimum.


Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it out but it still didn’t work. I also have had a cow barn now for the past 5 years and the same thing is happening. Not sure what’s going on with it. This is my first town on 0.9.2.

You do not have any cheesemakers, this profession have high priority for milk and thus will quickly pull milk from barns, etc. I believe that once you have cheesemakers, this issue should probably resolve itself.

I will admit that when i do not have enough cheesemaker compared to milk production, the milk does show up as spoiling within the barn and not being utilized by the town folks

Hmm, I suppose that makes sense. I figured the villagers would drink the milk, as the log does show some being consumed, but most of it spoiling.

I think it’s very quick spoilage time and it’s distance from anything else is why it doesn’t make it. However, it does inflate your food stores, which most of happiness is based on.