V0.9.3 and beyond!

A quick heads up, intrepid pioneers of the Farthest Frontier, another update is soon upon us.

We hope you have been enjoying the major additions in v0.9.2 and are eagerly awaiting what’s next. We wanted to give you a quick heads up that v0.9.3 should be entering public playtesting in the next couple weeks.

This update has a heavy focus on optimization, especially for very large settlements. From our own internal testing, we observed as much as a 90% increase in framerate for towns with over 2000 villagers. Naturally, your mileage will vary based on your system specs and town setup, but we expect most players should see measurable gains! This is our first major pass on performance, but not the last. You can expect more improvements as we approach v1.0.

v0.9.3 also includes a significant pass on game balance. For starters, buildings will have significantly increased radii for desirability bonuses, granting you much more flexibility in how you lay out your settlements.

We also we made the decision to adjust the pace of the game overall. You will find that, at 1x speed, each game day will take 8 seconds, up from 5 seconds. We found that, as we balanced the game over the years, it became difficult to balance villager productivity and needs against the limit of how fast we can make them move around (before it looks ridiculous, and some of you might argue things have already gone too far) and how much distance they can cover in a day. Increasing the length of the day will provide much needed flexibility, result in less villagers accidentally dying of exposure, and provide a more relaxing 1x pace for those that currently find the game to be a bit frantic.

In addition, we are working on further improvements to combat controls:

In v0.9.3, you will see all of your active military companies on the bottom of the screen, which you can use for quick-selection and deployment without having to track down your military buildings or using control groups.

We also made significant improvements to Archers, letting them move faster and automatically go to rearm themselves when they run out of arrows rather than charging in to their doom in valiant fisticuffs combat.

What’s next
We know you are eager to see our plans leading up to v1.0, and we are eager to share them with you. We are in the process of preparing another big State of Early Access update in June that will lay it all to bare! Everything from v0.9.4 to the vaunted v1.0 will be revealed!


The timing of this update is impeccable! I had just been starting to agitate for news about what’s next. Looking forward to the next State of Early Access!!

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Hello greetings!. I love your game and I look forward to each of your updates with great excitement. I don’t know what the future of the game will be, but here are three ideas that would drive me crazy.
1- Justice system. Criminals. Policemen. Death penalty (you lose citizens) or prison (expensive to maintain)
2- Social problems. Castes. Rich against poor.
3- A big city that does not appear on the map, but is strong competition for our development. Nationalisms and culture.
Thank you for reading and good luck in your future projects.
(Translated with Google).

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This is gorgeous!

All thumbs up for first pass on performance! Keep up the great work!

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good stuff… but when is the drunkard rampage of murder that makes pubs useless being fixed?

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I was going to write in feedback about area effects. How large an area coverage for Healers v Hospitals, Schools v (presumed) Universities, Theatres and Libraries. Upgraded Hunters, does their range expand and more traps. The military option sounds good, I have to Ctrl+Alt+# whilst on pause to get them doing different things. Have you considered having a wagon train for archer resupply? Grab a wainwright when in the Fortress page. Have it follow the troops, it can carry arrows and medicines as well as transport any survivors to a hospital.

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All of these changes are great! My last playthough I definitely was looking for an actual troop control. Only thing we NEED is a better way to flatten terrain. Those deposits on mountains are impossible to get and have been a huge pain/annoyance point for all of my playthroughs. You guys are the best, this game always scratches the itch.

When will 0.9.3 be deployed on Steam?

Edit: nvm, I just realized I missed this:

weeks :sob:


hello dev, i have question, the new updates of the bakery and tier 5, when will more details be released?

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Hello, this is great news. Does it mean we´re getting increased population limit or is the 2000 just for internal testing?

You can turn off the population cap in the settings already.

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Omg lol at me. I had no idea. Thank You

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I’d really really appreciate if you can give the option to upgrade the rat catcher and the basket shop to Tier 2, giving them a more interesting and appropriate appearance. They look very very bad when you’re at Tier 4 and all your houses and services are made by bricks. Thanks.


This is basically my wish for all buildings of early game that don´t have upgrades. Tho it probably should be in suggestion section.


I agree, I tried to flatten the side of a mountain to get to a deposit, only to create a small flat area and a large cliff face. The flatten tool should bring it whatever you’re flattening to an elevation of 0 instead of making it flat at whatever level it is at.

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Lol, I was just about to be like “huh, there’s a limit”? :stuck_out_tongue:

Will the performance increase also mean we will be able to zoom out more? The camera is honestly one of the biggest annoyances in the game.


Maybe you want a “lower terrain” tool?

yes i want. If you could build a reservoir, that would be great. catching fish