[v1.0.0.9] Commando (Killed Avatar Thermite Mine + BWC)

My english is very bad.
I killed Avatar of M. over 1h.08m…
used TM+BWC+FB
Personage in GrimTools:
MQ and Nemesis kill easily)

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great job and thanks for sharing… any build that kills mog makes me happy… seeing that sucker humbled and put in the right place is just satisfying…

now time to raise the stakes higher and move to higher difficulty:rolleyes:

edit… is this ultimate already? my bad if it is… so what is the question?

Thanks))) I’m looking for more damage to kill him faster

Yes! I kill him in Ultimate!
No questions.
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Perhaps the moderators will fix

be glad you manage to kill him

I havent bothered with him anymore… bwc build is a safe build i assume against him. dont expect quick kill times though especially in ultimate… otherwise if u push ur char to become a god and kill him in record times… expect the crate hammer to hit your build, they seem to love their avatar very much and dont want him dead:rolleyes:

Why the weapon swap?

If you stick to Shar’Zuls’, you’ve an extra point in Thermite Mines and Blackwater Cocktail that you can remove, and the Shield points you can shift around, plus you could take the transmuter on Fire Strike.

Also, why Fire Strike at all? You don’t seem to need it, and you aren’t really putting a lot of points into it.

If you want more damage, then maxing the first part of Flashbang will get you more crits. If you yank Fire Strike, the Shield points, and stick to Shar’Zul’s to save two more, you could put more points into Mortar Trap as well.
That’d be my suggestion, with your gear. Shrug.

No, i’am not use Shar’Zuls)
This weapon swap in GrimTools…
In baze used shield+pistol…
FireStike support ranged damage

If that’s what you’re going for…
Changed devotions. Put an actual component on the weapon, because using Shard and Fire Strike makes no sense. Shoved points around. Suggested better weapon and shield to aim for, for damage. Put more into Fire Strike, since you’re apparently using that more than just aiming to be a caster.

Too lazy to switch game to English)

Weapon you suggested is fine as it helps BWC a lot but how is the shield you suggested any better?

To OP: Nice job. Know that you can use 2x Enchanted Flint and activate both auras

Damage. He wanted more.

Hmm, might as well use skybreach Bulwark then. At lest he also keep some +1 to relevant mastery skills. But he would probably have trouble with resists either way.

To OP: Nice job. Know that you can use 2x Enchanted Flint and activate both auras[/QUOTE]

Thank’s) i’am happy)

To kill the Avatar is not suitable … little regeneration …
So, Menhir’s Bulwark adsorber damage and added regeneration
HP need large 15000, Avatar crit damage more 10k

I begin to kill Avatar…
Did not know beforehand I will kill or not. And then it was too late)

Nice build, tovarisch, tak pobedim!

Is that tovarisch Torgrim, btw??