(v1.0.0.9) Fire and Lightning DW Pistol Sorcerer with Explosions

Hello there! My name’s Pess, and today I want to share a build that I’ve been toying around with. It’s a pretty basic Fire Strike DW build, however I included two skills we don’t see much of in Ultimate play; Grenado and Canister Bomb. These skills provide great wave clear, destroying clusters of enemies easily, while still retaining good single target damage through Fire Strike.

Now you may think, “hey, a maxed out Fire Strike build already clears out packs of enemies, what’s the point of this build?”. The point of this build is to provide an alternative playstyle to typical DW Fire Strike builds and still be as viable (well, as viable as DW Sorcs are :(). So with that out of the way, let’s get to the build.

GrimTools link

In case GrimTools is down for whatever reason, here’s some of the details:

  • All points go into physique
  • For armor augments, I used 6x Outcast’s Warding Powder and 1x Bladeward Powder
  • Weapon augments I used 2x Creed’s Cunning
  • Jewelry uses 3x Survivor’s Ingenuity
  • Relic is Ulzuin’s Pyroclasm (of course)
  • Green items are: Stonehide Solael-sect Legguards of Dancing Shadows, Incorruptible Cronley’s Signet of Destruction, Stonehide Exalted Treads of Ulzuin’s Flame
  • Elemental Storm bound to Flashbang, Eldritch Fire bound to Fire Strike, Wayward Soul bound to IEE, Fissure bound to Canister Bomb.

General Information

Keep in mind, this build is on the squishy side, so don’t expect to be able to facetank some of the more hard-hitting bosses in the game. We do have some ADCTH, but for the most part you don’t want to get hit at all. Positioning is key!

The greens I have are just ones that I had laying around, you could certainly swap them out as you see fit.

Skill rotation is: Flashbang -> Canister Bomb -> Grenado -> Fire Strike. Use Oleron’s Might after Flashbang when fighting heroes/bosses. Use Mirror and Bloodthirster for “oh shit” moments.

Some closing words

So, this the first build I’ve ever posted, and also the first build out of dozens I thought up that’s actually sorta kinda good. I am more than open to any criticism and help, if something’s wrong or could be better, let me know! Thanks for reading!

Some questions:

  1. Dummy killing time?
  2. Do you have any promlem with energy?
  1. I have not tested dummy killing times yet
  2. The build has a pretty big amount of skill energy cost reduction, plus with the small energy leech from IEE and the Viper constellation, I don’t have any issues with energy management.

Looks solid.

Few questions:

  1. Have you tried Ulzuin’s Headguard instead of Mask? Good skill and you will gain +2 Demo (you’ll lose +1 Grenado and +1 Canister but gain +1 everything else in Demo). Or are those nice HP too much to lose as well?

  2. Thought about switching Arcane will with Nullification?

  3. How squishy are you? My DW Sorc uses Maiven and can’t really take many hits.

That’s it, basically.

  1. I have not yet, as I was a bit limited in crafting materials and I already had the Mask. It does look like a really good option though, the missing health will hurt and I’m sure I’ll have to move some skill points around, but the added RR does look appealing. I’ll have to test it out!

  2. I never really saw Nullification as a good enough skill, especially with how easy it is in this game to apply DoTs, it seems like it would be wasted to me. Arcane Will is just a better one-pointer for me. *edit: using Ulzuin’s Headguard will definitely free some points up in other areas, so I can see putting a point in Nullification then

  3. Quite squishy, however most enemies melt before reaching me, and those that do, end up dying quickly anyway. I’ve never liked Maiven’s, the damage reduction and energy cost just isn’t worth the damage mitigation except in a handful of scenarios, which still isn’t worth the points in it imo.

I have a Sorc kitted like this.

I am currently in the midst of farming Etram Fald for the last two pieces of the Agrivix set, so I can build her into something else.

She’s too squishy, and the Grenades and Canister don’t mitigate this, enough.

I might keep Canister, just to get the mods for stun, and keep Grenade fully specced.


I’ll see after I find out how well Blam 'n Cram (pistol + book… yes, reaching) gameplay works with 80~100% Chaos to Aether conversion on maxed Brimstone AKA Holyfrag.

Fire and Aether sounds like fun, and the set even forcibly obliges Devastation usage upon us.

I really, really wish Barrelsmith builds were an actual thing, though, OP.

i like that guide :slight_smile: was looking a long time for a barrelsmith build

  1. why u dont use OFF? its a great crowd control and gives u -100% Fire RR
    (leave skill points in arcanist and mental alacrity)

  2. why no meteor shower in devotion? (u could leave viper)

  3. maybe acid spray instead of elemental storm? (u dont do acid dmg, but the resist reduction is better i think)