[v1.0.2.1] Doublewarp Battlemage

Killed Lokarr in 1 minute and 34 seconds - Video - https://youtu.be/ungnlX-2L_E SPOILER WARNING
Cleared Gladiator Crucible - Video - https://youtu.be/xODn8ZblIFg
Feel my wrath
Defensive version (Lokarr/gladiator kill confirmed in video above) - http://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrlG3k2
(One) alternative devotion set up (MASSIVE more dps, but not enough DA for superbosses) http://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2Boy6JV (there are a few options for offensive devotions, this one tries to keep Arcane Bomb but I am still unsure) Biggest damage dealt on similar devo build was 387,354 before I went more defensive.

Versatile, can be repecced for more damage farm speed or more defensively for bosses (I prefer the more offensive version)
Kills relatively fast, or extremely fast when devotions set more offensively
Make people feel my wrath
Simple to gear for (Krieg’s set can be targeted farm)
Two curved swords

Defensive is better for superbosses but is weaker to trash
Not ultra tanky
Low(ish) crit modifiers in tankier version

Build explanation:
This build utilizes the Aether damage of Kriegs set and the insane damage conversion of Mythical Mindwarp.

Combine the physical damage of Cadence, with the flat aether damage in Arcanist, add in the additional phys to aether conversion rate we can get 100% physical to aether damage conversion when dual wielding Mythical Mindwarp.

Build choices discussion:


Most of the choices in the soldier tree are pretty self explanatory. Cadence maxed for the huge damage boost, at super-level 26 it is beastly when it crits. That along with Deadly momentum all converted to Aether allows for huge flat damage so that enemies feel your wrath.
Value points for hp regen, small elemental resists, skill disruption on warcry, and additional damage on counterstrike. I dropped Zolhan’s as the animation seemed to be slower and more clunky to the build of attacking fast and generating Cadence charges.

I did not pick up Elemental balance as it came forced with Iskandras. Iskandras messed with the damage conversion ratio as all physical was already being converted to aether. The net effect was bigger crits but less damage overall. Those points were better used elsewhere.

Inner Focus was maxed for offensive ability, 1 value point into mirror (skills buff it quite high) Maxed Maivens for as much DR as we can get (which is great combined with Warcry’s reduction. One value point in Conversion for disable resists. Fabric and Restless power have great Aether dmg and conversion. Nullification is amazing to clear nasty debuffs which seem to come from every which direction and prevent enemies from feeling your wrath. This skill actually is my favorite to use in the whole build as you have to decide to use it defensively, offensively, overall gives a more interactive feel to the build. One value point for casting speed and energy cost reduction. Arcane will is good, but there is so much plus damage everywhere that increasing it did not feel point effective (I’d rather feel my wrath), thus only one value point.

The strategy was to focus around health regen. Leaching superbosses is pretty much impossible so my previous version of the build was amazing for trash and regular bosses, but fell like a wet noodle to superbosses. I aim for Behemoth, Tree, and Dryad for that passive health regen. I then used the blue opportunity to pick up some extra armor and huge defensive rating in Obelisk, and Solemn Watcher. Arcane Bomb turned out better than I thought once you set it to Kriegs (before it was lackluster as everything was dead before it triggered and finally armed in 1second). In this build you charge in and make enemies feel your wrath which immediately 100% triggers a bomb for -35% Aether resist.

Sidenote tangent on resists:

Mindwarp also has minus resists which don’t stack but are quite high, although 20% chance to proc. Since we have two Mindwarps it has a much higher chance though. There are some other rings that have -Aether resist but I currently use Belgothians simply for the huge attack speed boost which is solely needed to get close to 200%. Magelord is also key due to +2 cadence and flat aether damage.

Back to devotions:
Rattosh has some great stats that are needed all around, and gives red which we need for Behemoth anyways so it synergies well. There are very few other red nodes we could use.

Basically the rest of the devotions try to pick up easy extra damage or defenses, and flat aether damage.

The offensive version of the build drops all passive healing and goes into Dying God, Spear of the Heavens, and Toad. This picks up 50% crit, 6% leech, and (even) more flat aether damage. I did one version without Arcane Bomb as most stuff just dies so fast (200k+ crits on Cadence very fast). It could work though in theory. Feeling wrath does feel good though for dropping arcane bombs so I want to test it further.

Gearing Choices:

There are choices still to be made and efficiencies to gather in this build I believe. For one, I need more of the uber components in AoM that I refuse to farm millions of ugdenbloom for (please hurry patch). Secondly I am sure the second Belgothian’s Sigil and Avenger Amulet could be swapped out once I get better resists and other stats (or just find Mythical Avenger). The belt likely could be swapped as well, possibly with something that has flat physical dmg. Pants could be swapped out for a MI for resists to cover those other areas above as well.

Final thoughts: screw shields, I am not using them no matter how much you try to make me Crate. Also feel my wrath.

Why Blademaster vs Belgotian Carnage?

Blademaster is better than Belgothian in this case because of a better OA bonus, imo. The cdr from Belgothian isn’t that good unless you expect to use Mirror that often.

Good build but the video with Lokar seriously? mega spoiler

Even SLITH fights better than you.

I’ll add a spoiler warning - there is another build that has his name right in the title thread though so I thought it ok. Obviously a video that says Lokarr kill would spoil it. (Lots of videos out there on YouTube for it).

Agreed, that is why I stuck with blademaster for now. Typically I would only use mirror on a boss fight. Theoretically it might be better for those superboss kills to use belgothian but I haven’t been able to yet craft one as a test.