[v1.0.2.1] Mom's Panetti - Easy to gear, easy to play Mage Hunter


Here’s the link to my build and stuff
I’ m lvl 42 , normal difficulty and i have few questions :

  • Should I invest now few points in panetti’s missile or can i play without until lvl 50 as suggested ? And so, start to play epic without panetti’s ,
  • for the next levels , which ablities must I Invest first? arcanist or inquisitor?

Thanks for suggesting me ;);):wink:

  • Panetti is strong when you allocate a decent amount of points in it and have the %health from both helm and gun. The helm is a craft btw. Indeed, it’s better to wait till 50+.

  • I would suggest to max Word of Pain and put Elemental Storm on it (Devotion). You’ll take the Aether nodes later.

  • 1 point in Conversion and Overload/Elemental Balance wouldn’t hurt. Only 1 point in Iksandra’s Elemental Exchange for the moment.

I suppose you Flash Freeze cast then fire spells ? If so, its going to be less efficient from lvl 50-ish. Be careful, having a full point ability at low level is energy demanding; that’s why you put points into Mental alacrity and Iksandra’s Elemental Exchange later.

Pretty much everything what Belzzzz said :slight_smile:

Build’s name is damn hilarious :smiley:

first, thanks for your feedback

As you said , I use OFF to freeze mobs and finish them witch Great fireblast . No major problem to clean the map , just few bosses are harder because they can’t be frost!! :undecided:

As suggested, I’m going to change elemental storm from Storm box of elgoloth to Word of pain

I love caster build

I really undecided about PRM VS AAR
I heard PRM is really underwhelming

Any toughts

With good gear it seems it can be made to work but without it you will struggle.

Been experimenting with a Druid and a similar Mage hunter version of this, to see what I can do.


I spec my devotions much more stat/defensively than the other ones linked here, but am still trying to tweak things.

Do you think a Druid variant of this build is viable at all, or do you think Mage Hunter sort of beats it at every turn?

EDIT: I just realised that the Invoker’s set damage conversions were added in and not from the AoM introduction.
So I feel like this type of build will have changed quite a lot with this change and is now probably easier to gear for and potentially more powerful since it is only 2 damage types, not 4.

Some general questions:

Are the gun weapon worth using over caster choices? Maces, wands etc.

Storm box abillity, is this used on single target/boss only? I see it’s also has Elemental storm from devotion.

Mostly I just don’t get Storm box I guess, but I figure it’s only single target.

Else just I feel like I lack a bit of a “oh fuck button” that Nightblade had from some of its abilities.

I just found a Paragon helm in my upper 60s level and this thing boosted the hell out of my dps. It seems like all the +Panetti bonuses add huge boosts to it. That said, Paragon set is just two pieces: helm and shoulder. Set bonus is a whopping +5 to Panetti and Mental Alacrity. Makes me want to farm for the shoulders, and not even bother equipping Iskander’s (even though I have 4 pieces already).

Also I just noticed this and found it weird that my paper dps drops by about 1k when I’m standing in my inquisitor circle. Don’t understand why. Any ideas?

You can have the two T3 ele constelations (Attak Seru and Blind Sage) and still get the Giant’s Blood healing if you do it like this


I switched Hawk for Raven, changed the crossroads and took off the side points from Blind Sage and Rhowan’s Crown.

Do you have the transmuter taken? It lowers casting speed by 15% as a trade-off for the deflect buff.

really great build tried and played for a while it was fun

You will be missing out on a bunch of OA like this though (Chariot and Hawk…). I have yet to fully level this build, so not sure if having another T3 devotion will fully compensate for all the missing OA.

Any chance at a forgotten gods update on this build guide?

I don’t think this guide is relevant anymore or ever being updated. Try my PRM Mage Hunter, it’s much better and it’s updated for FG.

Many thanks for replying. I believe I may have been following one of your builds from either vanilla GD or AoM. I can’t be sure because of the new forum roll out despite saving links to the older build guides. I think my mage hunter is level 36 or 39 so I still have a ways to go but have yet to acquire gear. The real kicker is that I started down the Inquisitor path (I haven’t selected Arcanist yet) following yet another guide for leveling. I can either start from scratch or salvage and my gut is leaning toward salvage. Either way I’ll end up with a PRM focused caster. Is your build beginner friendly enough to level and farm up the gear necessary or do I need to build a char to farm up the gear to feed my PRM Mage Hunter?

Wow mad_lee you are fast! :smiley: I just wanted to link your build.
I would recommend playing panettis and follow his guide as it’s super fun to play. It feels like a caster (especially with teleport runes) and is beginner friendly and simple.

I was thinking about getting into making guides again with the meta allowing for cool concept builds that work and are appreciated even when they are not completely min-maxed or top tier crucible clearers. Even if I tend to only look at those builds myself. Unfortunately I got into playing hardcore and it’s eating up all my free time lol.

I might do an updated version of this build with the upcoming arcanist buffs tho!

Hi,Mad Lee is excellent,but like every end game character,you need specific gear in order to function.In this case the set and Spellgaze helm.

If you want help with leveling and budget build,please check my guide ! [] Beginner's/budget Mage Hunter

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My guide is for the endgame, meaning build works as advertised once you have all the gear and replicate my build. For leveling I would recommend following a guide that Nery linked below. You can try and trade gear you need on these forums - there are dedicated trading thread where bunch of enthusiasts trade legit gear for mats (or for gear).

Sorry, man, I called your guide “not relevant”, I thought you “left” the game and the forums, glad to see you back!