[v1.0.2.1] Mom's Panetti - Easy to gear, easy to play Mage Hunter

…His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
There’s vomit on his sweater already, Mom’s Panetti

Who would have thought, that if you build a character around the new Panetti-support items, you actually get a decent build! It is by no means top top tier, but I think it’s on the higher end of what Panetti builds are able to achieve.
It currently slightly outdamages my Mythical Warborn Blademaster by far and can clear all vanilla and expansion content pretty easy. It’s very strong aoe-wise but struggels against some bosses.

Update on patch [v1.0.3.0]:
This patch actually slightly buffed this character due to caster armor values! We also don’t suffer from the Seal of Blades nerf, as we can simply rebind Elemental Storm to Storm Box and assign Word of Pain to Arcane Bomb!

GrimTools Link


Nemesis Kills(Fabius, Valdaran, Ben, Aleksander, Moosie) The build can reliably kite Kupa to death, Maiden should work too(no rep yet) of which I will make a video soon, Grava kinda destroys me but it might be doable.)

Gladiator Crucible wave 140-150

Please note that these aren’t cherrypicked videos at all. Actually kind of the opposite, as it can do the crucible wave in 5min if played better, also I played the Nemsis fights really awful, because I didn’t want to search them all again ._. Also sorry for the poor quality, I hopefully will update these videos sooner than later! I just wanted to show you guys that this build can deal with all kinds of things…even when played like shit like I did there.

*note that this screenshot doesn’t include Deadly Aim, which is active all the time when it’s off cooldown, but includes Word of Renewel to represent the actual health pool more accurate.

Core Gameplay:
Everything is built around the amazing skill that is Panetti’s. Devastation is there for some extra damage. Apart from that, we use the Inquisitor with all it’s passives and the usual support for elemental and aether, aswell as surviveability from Arcanist. You buff yourself up with toggles and WoR, debuff your enemies with Word of Pain, cast your Inquisitor Seal and start spamming Panetti’s and Devastation, counter healing with WoR and Mirror.


Physique: 90
Cunning: 5
Spirit: 5


Head: Mythical Spellgaze
Shoulders: Mythical Cortosian Scrolls or Mythical Iskandras Pauldrons (Well rolled Valdaran Shoulders are BiS)
Chest: Fateweaver’s Raiment or Mythical Iskandras Vestments
Hand: Cindertouch or Mythical Light’s Defender Gauntlets + Restless Remains
Leg: Mythical Fateweaver’s Leggins
Relic: Ignaffar’s Combustion or Eternity
Weapon 1: Mythical Arcanum Sigillis or Mythical Panetti Replicating Wand + Seal of Blades
Weapon 2: Mythical Invoker’s Blaze - Seal of Resonance
Ring 1: Mythical Inkover’s Burning Hand
Ring 2: Mythical Inkover’s Shocking Touch
Neck: Mythical Inkover’s Shard + Seal of Anihhlation
Belt: Mythical Scales of Beronath
Boots: Imprevious/Stonehide Stoneplate Greaves + X
Medal: Mythical Gildam Aracanum Commendation or Mythical Mark of Divinity + Attuned Lodestone

Alternate Gear setup:
You can pretty much use whatever floats your boat. That’s why I called it an easy to gear build. You can go full Iskandras, Ring of Ice and Fire, Rings of Elemental Balance and so on…basically everything that gives you Elemental and Aether damage. The only thing I find not replaceable for real lategame, is the Mythical Spellgaze.

Where it’s not mentioned, you can min-max your resistances with whatever you have available. Same goes for Augments. You can see my Setup on Grimtools.

Skills Explanation:
The skill distribution can be adjusted however you like it. I am not the best number cruncher, so my setup could even use some tweaking here and there.
However you can choose from 4 exclusive skills that all work with this build.
After playtesting and changing my relic, aswell as dropping Ultos devotion, I decided on Aura of Censure for -%elemantal reduction.
Shoutout to @Crauler for his suggestions! Always watch out for your casting speed, as you can overcap it if you want, because it’s reduced when having the transmuter on Inquisitor Seal.

Arcance Currents -> Panetti’s Replicating Missle
Giants Blood -> Iskandras Elemental Exchange
Wayward Soul -> Aura of Censure
Elemental Storm -> Storm Box
Arcane Bomb -> Word of Pain

Devotion route:

Although this build doesn’t use low tier devotions with damage proc effects, I’m not a fan of using such a devotion just to get through the game faster, as this build already has no problem getting through the game with a basic skill setup. Also leveling up the end game devotion skills throughout playing is always good.
So here is my suggested road for the more defensive setup:

  • Ascendant Crossroad
  • Toad
  • Quill
  • Rhowan’s Crown
  • Primoridal Crossroad
  • Wraith
  • Widow
  • Chariot of the Dead
  • Wolverine
  • Hawk
  • Remove crossroad Points
  • Chaos Crossroad
  • Hydra
  • Attak Seru, the Mirage
  • Three points in Behemoth so we get the skill
  • The two last points are free, I would suggest to go for something like Order Crossroad for 5% life or Empty Throne for 15% stun resistance

For the offensive version with two T3 constellations, do the same up to the point you maxed Widow, after that:

  • Hydra
  • Remove crossroads
  • Chaos crossroad
  • Jackal
  • Hydra
  • Remove Jackal
  • Hawk
  • Wolverine
  • Scholar’s Light
  • Attak Seru, the Mirage
  • Eldritch Crossroad
  • Blind Sage


  • If you have Crucible DLC, Play it with advice from This guide.
  • After that, equip every legendary you can find, boosting elemental and aether damage. Pretty much play the build like you would in the lategame, same concept. I personally used Iskandras and Invoker’s to level, with the addition of the Elemental Balance Rings and Mythical Elemental Balance Rings to get to 94.

Beginner leveling guide:
Leveling with this character is pretty easy in fact. The trick with basically any class, is to pick any aoe skill and max it early. I would suggest picking Arcanist first and put a lot of points into Olexra’s Flash Freeze. When you get to Inquisitor, we pick up Word of Pain for additional aoe, 4-5 points early should be enough. Always remember that you benefit from aether and elemental damage on your gear. In the early game, try to go more the firery side of things, because of the following.
Use a component with a fire cast skill as your main attack up until level 40. Start with Searing Ember’s Fireblast and move on to the Flintcore Bolts with the Greater Fireblast at level 15. Meanwhile rush the base skill of Word of Renewel and put up to 10 points in it, as it gives you movement speed, which is the key stat to get through the game fast. Using the setup with OFF, Word of Pain, Word of Renewel and Greater Fireblast, max out your mastery trees and invest a few points in passives like Deadly Aim, Maiven’s Spehere of Protection, IEE and all the Arcanist’s passives at the bottom of the skill tree. I would suggest maxing out Arcanist first and put points into Devastation, which is a good skill to kill bosses and huge groups of monsters even with only a few points in it. Get some one-point-wonders like Mirror of Ereoctes or Nullification if you feel like it. Do not try to rush exclusive skills or Inquisitor’s Seal as you pretty much only use them in the lategame. A few points in Reckless Power should be enough (remove those points later to put them into Aura of Censure). Somewhere after level 50, I would go and pick up points from earlier skills such as OFF or Word of Pain and start investing into Panetti’s as your main attack skill. Go for the base skill and Proliferation first and add in some points in Distortion. You should now have enough aoe-damage to quickly advance through Elite and start Ultimate around level 70. Pick up faction gear as it helps a lot! Always keep an eye on health, resistances, armor and DA first. After that, go for damage. You won’t progress fast when you die a lot. Playing through ultimate, try to get closer and closer to my skill setup and you should have a good time! Be prepared to struggle against some bosses tho, as this build lacks single target damage when not perfectly geared at all times.

In Closing:
I am very happy how this caster tunred out. It especially feels like a real caster in a meta where dual-wielding melees and pet builds wreck everything.
I will continue to optimize it and I am open for feedback. Also I will push it to the max and try to optimze it more against some nemesis and gladiator crucible.
So far it managed to kite Kupa to death!

Attachment: MomsPanetti.jpg
Attachment: char_endlich_final.jpg
Attachment: Neues_Bild.jpg

reserved for future updates.

Thank you i was looking for a noob build like that ( i mean for me im a real noob )

can you give me some help tough leveling, specially for devotions ?

for the bigger images i dont know, i tryed myself and it works ( image was bigger ), just clik img balise, and link it here.

I’m surprised you don’t take two t3 elemental constellations with almost same requirements.
This what I came up with:
Which version of Aleksander pants are you referring to? I don’t see anything that really benefits you on both versions. Steel resolve?
Seal of Blades is a good alternative to Haunted Steel. Less ADctH, but convenient proccing.
With pants I feel like there isn’t something particularly good, so this slot is open, I decided on mine, cause of relevant skill boosts and proc. Pretty good pants are pretty good too.
Is +1 to Arcanist better than +1 to Inq and -10% elemental resist?
Do you take convction over censure for 15% phys.res and better tanking?

Thanks, I will work on a quick devotion route!

Thanks on the pants, I didn’t really look at them anymore. Yours or Bysmel are defintily better. I will try out your devotion setup and compare that. It looks really good too! Thanks for the feedback!

After a quick playtesting I found your devotion setup superior and I will update it in my guide. I will go for the aura of censure because I need the -elemental resist I lose from UItos. The defensive loss is compensated by more DA. It works fine! Again thasnk you for your feedback!

I was just looking for an updated Panetti’s build that uses one of the new masteries, and I find this. Thanks for the guide.

hi - any chance you can add a leveling section for suggested gear/devotions/skill priority - around level 50ish - i like the build but it will take a while to get that high a level and i dont have all those legenderies you use.

Good to see a PRM build up. I intend to make one myself too, but I’m still on my first XP char for now.
Just a small nitpick: Deadly Aim is not up all the time, its CD begins as the buff runs out so with no CDR it has a 50% uptime at best.

Finally added devotion and more detailed leveling guide!

At level 50, you should focus on Panetti’s core skill and last modifier (something like 12/3/1/7), aswell as Devastation for damage(around 5 points). Every other skill should support this. Depending on your gear, ff you lack cast speed and have energy issues, use ectoplasm, and put points into Mental Alacrity. If you lack surviveability, points into Maiven’s and Vigor are the way to go.

Nice to hear! Edited the wording :wink:

Has this been updated in your guide? Just wanted to make sure I’m not following something outdated, :stuck_out_tongue:

Build looks really fun, gonna be my first mage!

Did you beat any Nemesis with this build?

Do you have Grimtools version of this without the gear?

Is there a way to see the skill tree without gear bonuses?

How do you get the boots?

just press shift+ctrl while viewing the skills :wink:

Yes, and I optimzed it even a bit further, resulting in my recommended defensive setup!

Yes. So far it can facetank Fabius if you mirror correctly, maybe not 100% repaetable but you can just kite a bit and then it’s easy. Also Kupa(beast nemesis) you can kite to death reliable. I guess you can do the same with Grava, just care for the nullify. Also I am pretty pretty sure it melts Valdaran, Ben and Moosie, but I haven’t tested it yet.(outside gladiator crucible) Zantarin should be easy too if you dodge a bit. Also I am pretty sure it just dies against Maiden lol. Still farming up reputation and will prove it with videos. So far…you just have to take my word for it.

There is a yellow recipe for those. It’s called “Stoneplate Greaves” and you can craft them at any blacksmith. Eventually they will turn out as green ones with varying affixes. Keep an eye out for somnething like “stonehide”, “resistant”, “of Menhir’s wall” or “of nature’s bounty”. Those are examples for affixes with high health and/or resistances, which you should be looking for, because green boots with them actually outperform most epic and legendary ones. Just be prepared to spend a lot of iron and scrap until you get the right affixes.

This is my first character in the game and so far its awesome!

About the legendary items, what’s the best way to get them?

Thanks, awesome work with the build :slight_smile:

I would say, play through the game first, you get a few legendaries doing so as quest rewards. After that, you could farm some easier bosses like Salazar or the skelleton boss in the flooded passage behind the dynamite wall on the left. Then you can move on to something like Cronley runs. Generally speaking, try to farm different places that give you faction and nemesis reputation. I would not advise the crucible for newer players. I would go for that with already geared out characters only.

Thanks for the tip

I’m level 53 and starting to invest in mom’s spaghetti, but I’m feeling too squishy. That normal or i fucked up? So far I followed your lvling guide.