[v1.0.2.1] The Champion of Ultos - Dual Wield Lightning Warder

First, I must give thanks to both TZ Tz and jajaja for being the inspiration of this build, as it could not have come to fruition without the concept of their builds. I first started out playing TZ Tz’s dual wield lightning warder though most of the game, then implemented some aspects of jajaja’s lightning warder with a few tweaks here and there to compliment the dual wielding playstyle.

I’ll gradually build up this thread as I get new fancy images and fine tune things on my end, and actually properly test the builds (still trying to farm the items), but here is my take on the ultimate lightning dual wield warder build.

GrimTool (Cadence Version): http://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZR9LkrV

GrimTool (Savagery Version): http://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2jBGx42

NOTE: I am still split between both the cadence and savagery build. I simply do not know both of them well enough to place whether one inches out over the other. I will not know until testing begins.

RESERVED FOR ITEM LOCATION LIST: I will list items that I have found regarding my build, and where they were found.

Weapon: Mythical Crystallum - Found, need to find again to verify where it was found
Helm: Mythical Light’s Defender Helm - N/A
Chest: Mythical Light’s Defender Plate - N/A
Shoulders: Mythical Light’s Defender Epaulets - N/A
Gloves: Mythical Light’s Defender Gauntlets - N/A
Legs: Solael-Sect Legguards - I suspect their usual location of where they are found, but N/A for now
Boots: Mythical Stormtitan Treads - N/A
Belt: Avenger’s Girdle - N/A
Relic: Eye of the Storm - Will list at a later date, pre expansion
Medal: Mythical Direwolf Crest - N/A
Amulet: Mythical Peerless Eye of Beronath - N/A
Ring: Mythical Aetherstorm Seal - N/A
Ring: Mythical Aetherstorm Sigil - N/A

Why a warder? Why dual wield? Why no ultos set?

Using Savagery while dual wielding makes sense for a trickster. For a warder you are missing out on tonns of dps by not going two handed.

I picked a warder because I am the most accustomed to it, personally. I wanted to bring out the full power of those two class combination, of defense and killing potential.

I didn’t take Ultos set mostly due to the glaring resistance holes that it causes, and the lacking armor the set itself holds. With the pen and paper testing I did, the set got about 3k more damage for savagery, but with only half the armor and said glaring resistance holes.

I will have to look at trickster to make comparisons, but given that I finished the game on Ultimate with the basic legendary set of Ultos and no mythical items, I really doubt my build is missing out on DPS. Savagery with dual-wielding as a warder I’ve found to be monstrous, personally. This is especially the case with Crystallum, which is the bread and butter to this build. And any DPS it does miss out on, it makes up for in tankiness and health.

When the time comes that I get the gear and get to actual testing, I will post numbers.