[v1.0.3.1]Tanky with lots of DctH Aether Death Knight

Went ahead and made a test character because I was curious. This is what I ended up with http://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZeYRMQZ
Got rid of Revenant… Got Hourglass instead, Swapped to Uroboruuk’s reaping relic to make up for lost leech, and for another big hit skill/and to proc it.
Blitz–> cadence -->aether corrupt–> Kreigs --> reaping arc --> kreigs --reaping --> blitz
Makes for pretty good single target burst.

I face tanked archmage alexander with lvl 5 and under devos, and i didnt have max resist when i ran into him lol

Looking at your augments it looks like it does not matter which faction you chose Kymon’s / Death’s Vigil ?

What did you choose at Barrowholm friendly or hated ?

Also I noticed the rings are Blueprints , which smith did you use , plus did you go for Angrim or Duncan .

Just Ultimate decisions ofc

Thanks :slight_smile:

It doesnt mater wich one you chose, but bc you are a necro u can only choose deaths vigil.

I chose to be friendly with barrowholm bc they have a blueprint for a medal called the voratious one if im not mistaken that can be used by this build.

The rings I got by trading, did not craft It.

I chose the old Guy, dont remember his name now.


Thanks man , there is a way I belive to choose Kymons but it mean not choosing necromancer for a while :slight_smile:

Version 1


Through Undying God, Spear and Hourglass. Sturdy, insane OA, high health, big damage.

Version 2


Through Shieldmaiden, Obelisk. Very high outheal, good regen, very tanky, still pretty good damage, excellent blocking.

Cool made some modifications, and posted a build then ill use for myself, thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve been using almost exactly the same build sibce All items are the same except for rings, where I went for Magelord’s set. Also in devos I went more offensive with Rattosh instead. Still the most fun I’ve had with a Cadence build to date.

Does killing or keeping Anasteria alive make a difference one way or another for this build?

What did you give up for Rattosh, and how much is the -life leach resist doing for your dcth?

So, its Rattosh versus Spear?

My Death Knight is only lvl 70 so far, so I dont have all the devotion points yet. Hungering void is tempting as well. Dont know if the health drain is noticable though.

Yes, you should keep her alive.

Could you provide me with a leveling tree? i am confused as to what to level first, just something as simple as maxing x skill first , leave x skill to the last will be a great help thz

We can’t stack RR from mindwarp and krieg wrath right?

Correct. Both are flat reductions.

Pretty sure X% reduced target’s resistances didn’t stack, but X reduced target’s resistances stacked.

I’m not sure what the MI being shown by grimtools means as to me MI has always been Monster Infrequent (those awesome double rare green items) that the OP refers to.

Getting up there now . Lvl 72 .

Checking your Grimtools for the first build , is it still-

84 Physique
21 Cunning

Thanks .

Can confirm that Krieg set is indeed legendary MI’s only. Farmed them for days, drop from 3 mobs in total.

Im no expert, but according to this, only -x% resistance stacks (column B).


Yeah, its still that.