[v1.0.3.1]Tanky with lots of DctH Aether Death Knight

I always wanted to make a character that had tons of life steal and was basically immortal because of it, and looking trough the build compendium I thought the Krieg’s Battle Mage Tank-Melee-aether by Seppuku was really nice and looking trough the coments of his forum post I found this guy’s comment (http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showpost.php?p=565391&postcount=32), so I tought, why not a DK ? It’s got massive DctH potential and combining with some devos and Seppuku’s build could turn out a real nice one, so I present you my build.

http://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRALlxV Used to be my main build, now I use build 2 (BUILD 1)

http://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2GlMmqV Its got a little less DctH and a little less damage but it has about 500 + DA and a little more OA and can easily solo gladiator crucible. (BUILD 2)

http://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0JEyMN (BUILD 1)

http://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2BogyzV (BUILD 2)

Easy to farm gear
Good AOE for fast trash mob clearing
Looks cool
Facetanking everything
Huge sustain from Devos and necro skills.

No astronomical single target damage.
You will be drinking energy potions like an alcohol addict that lost his family, job and house at christmas.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOAHDJJ0jBA (Build 1) In this video I don’t even have optimized gear, no faction powders whatsoever, I still dont have peerlees eye of beronath and both myth band of the eternal haunt and still I could facetank MQ all the time and kill her in 43sec.
More videos are to come as I get more my resistences up to go crucible and update this thread.

https://youtu.be/8yV_rymimM0 (Build 2) Facetanked Mog without ANY buff potions and did it. This build is turning out to be the strongest one I’ve played until now. First atack at 0:21 and killed him at 8:59, 8:38 to kill him.

https://youtu.be/5CSuatd4vFw (Build 2) 100-150 Gladiator Crucible with no extra spawns and buffed. And sorry for that noise during the video, my GF was drying her hair, forgot to turn off the mic xD

https://youtu.be/X6mRQq31JH0 (Build 2) 100-150 Gladiator Crucible with no extra spawns and NO buffs.

Devotions Guide:

Build 1 Guide:

+Primordial Crossroads
Complete Lizard
+Chaos Crossroads
Complete Ghoul
+Ascendant Crossroads
Complete Toad
+Eldritch Crossroads
Complete Behemoth
Complete Empty Throne
Complete Widow
Complete Chariot of the Dead
+4 Points in Revenant
Complete Eel
Complete Sailor’s Guide
Complete Viper
Take all points off Crossroads
+5 Points in Spear of Heavens
Take one point off Toad
Complete Spear of Heavens

Build 2 Guide:

+Primordial Crossroads
Compete Lizard
Complete Eel
Complete Imp
+Chaos Crossroads
Complete Ghoul
Complete Jackal
Complete Viper
+5 Points at Revenant
+Ascendant Crossroad
Complete Toad
Complete Widow
Complete Aeon’s Hourglass
Complete Sailor’s Guide
Take off all points from Crossroads
Complete Spear of Heavens
1 Point at Dying god

Where to farm Krieg’s Set?
Krieg’s Chest and Mask drops from Fleshweaver Krieg (In the area before final boss)
Krieg’s Shoulderguards and Grips drops from Valaxteria which is near the last shrine.
Krieg’s Boots drops from Terrnox which is on a cellar at the south of malmouth outskirt rift.
This info I got originally from Sepukku’s thread also.

Rush in with Blitz -> use Warcry -> Use Overguard -> Mark of Torment on Strongest Enemy -> Ill Omen -> Krig’s Wrath -> Siphon Souls then Repeat.
Always use Blitz when off cooldown as it’s an important damage source.

Final Comments:
Thank you both Sepukku(http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/member.php?u=17396) and MrTek(http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/member.php?u=13756) for the inspiration of this build.
And if you guys have any sugestions I would be glad to hear it as I’m not much of a hardcore or experienced build crafter.

Thanks !

U have 2 skill points on overcapped Spectral binding

Thanks ! Cool, changed it to veterancy for more heath regen :smiley:

Nice, looks like i got a path for my second character.

Nicely put together, looking forward to trying this one out once I can farm the mythicals :wink:

Dude you wear five MIs!

Regarding Life Steal, you could be interested by Mark of the Voracious One. It’s pretty nice for sustain if you have a shield.

Isnt MIs Green items that could come with infinite possible combinations ?
I tought myth Legendary wasnt MIs.

And thanks for the info about the voratious one, will test it out later when I get it ! :smiley:

Just a few changes I would make…

Small changes on armor, moved some components around to make more OA and a soulshard to help with energy… although if u dont mind chugging pots thats cool.

Made changes in devotion setup. gave up viper and throne to finish spear, revenant, and pick up 40stats from hourglass. (although it comes in a little under max on chaos/pierce now)

Changed out a ring for a gollus ring any “menacing” should do.

changed skills to max spectral wrath and add in deadly momentum. gives you another -9 res along with lower cooldown/higher damage… and another ~2k weapon damage.

All of these together should really make for a very nice net gain on damage for the build without giving up much in tankiness :smiley:

Also thinking of this now makes me want to finish a Death knight lol

I actually had something like this in mind:


This thread makes me sad, I had all kriegs + medal + shield on my battlemage, then foolishly charged into Valderaan and got 1 shot the day before patch made Death Knight the guy to make into the aether/cadence killing machine. Oh well, time to farm up some more Kriegs, I have 2 of the pieces sitting in stash now, just 3 more to go! :slight_smile:

good !

Cool sugestions bro, i’ll check it out when I have time ! :slight_smile:

Hey, cool to have you here :slight_smile:

I’ve already followed your immortal retaliator build, really beast character, just wouldnt die. :smiley:

But why would you go for master of death instead of harbinger of souls ?

Thanks. I’m currently trying to increase the killing speed by creating a Hybrid Retaliator and mixing up some skills.

Well, of course for that OA and DA bonus. Harbringer doesn’t get anywhere near that. Plus, it gives Vitality damage and Vitality conversion, which, I think, the Aether-based character doesn’t need.

Would your build be too tanky? At L100, I easily cleared Port of Valbury and Council using a 2handed build with a 2H Mythical Soulsplitter. May have some room for more offense.

Was thinking ooh , easy to farm gear , took a look , I had one piece lol , Kriegs boots from your whole set up since I started the expansion .

Think more farming :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, it was kind of the intention to be very tanky and never die, but as I get all my items and test it i’ll will be making changes if I think it’s way too tanky and has more room for more damage. :slight_smile:

If you look at your grim tools, the one with gear, look at your helm, shoulders, gloves, boots, and chest. look on the top right. It says MI.

Wrathstone with the aura gives a bit more flat aether damage and % damage, but no 3% OA. Is it worth using it on the shield, or 3% OA all the way? :slight_smile:

hm, good call. ill test it out.