[v1.0.6.1]Test build doom+albretch,chaos

hello guys,

i dint try this build first i want to know if it work or not ? im waiting for ur advice thx.


That won’t work very well. Your defensive ability and HP is way too low; you’ll die in a second.

Also your skills are really weird. You’re stacking a bunch of flat damage from Solael’s Witchfire and Possession, and flat damage does nothing for aether ray or doom bolt.

Sent you a PM mate.

Instead of focusing on specific builds, I humbly suggest you consider glancing through gameplay mechanics.

It should help tremendously in any build you do.

Badge of Mastery can immediately be replaced with a Mark of Divinity for a free circuit breaker as you’re going to need it.

Adding to what Snazzblaster said about flat damage, this carries into your devotions - Abominable Might is only getting you +230% Chaos damage and +20% health. You would do better to look at either Time Dilation or Tree of Life, both of these are near constellations that provide nice amounts of health/DA as well.

Other constellation choices you have made are questionable such as Fox or Affliction and not Solael’s Witchblade.

so i need only more da & health ?

Here’s an AAR build from before the expansion, it’s an Aether Sorcerer though (as I can’t think of any Black Flame builds) but should give you an idea what to work towards.

im pissed of about dammage ressistance even whene u got all dmg ressis max the monster still do to u a lot of dammage its like ur playing without gear

AAR is the last skill you want to use before you get gear. Even with GGG gear its not impressive.

Did you test lightning focused AAR?

no but mayben ext weak im gonna test it