[V1.0.6.1] Winter King Infiltrator

[V1.0.6.1] Melee/Caster/hc/u/vid/g#

Winter King Infiltrator

Pretty safe two-handed cold Infiltrator build, that has decent amount of hp, OA/DA, good armor and great damage/resist reduction. That character managed to kill all “max cold resist” nemeses (undead/beast/cronley) and Iron Maiden (less then 19sec). Also my 1st. “no-soldier” HC build, that works :3


Good AoE
damage with Rune of Hagarrad/Leviathan/Amarasta’s Blade Burst
Great sustain
Huge amount of hp, armor, decent DA, 2 passive heal constellations + 2 aktive heals (pneum. burst word of ren.), dryad, medal
Excellent resist reduction
-185% from all sources (skills/devotions/equipment) and -320 DA reduction (Rune of Hagarrad + Amulets component)
Good Crowd Control
Horn of Gandarr/Ring of Steel/Leviathan+Helm+Veil of Shadow slow enemies movement a lot


Requires rare non-craftable green rings and pants, otherwise pretty squishy
high mana cost (may need to use a mana potion from time to time)
many buttons :stuck_out_tongue:

Pic. without any buffs, except for 5 auras and deadly aim, ABB for LM.


Where is Amatok?

  • Blizzard has a bit cc and destroys most of enemies, but is less useful against Bosses imho. You can take it instead of Dryad, especially when you play softcore
    Why no Alkamos Rings?
  • You can use Alkamos blue/purple rings for better damage, if you play Softcore. “prefix” Living Rings of NB have good +hp/+%hp/stun reduction and resistance stats.
    Infiltrator or Spellbreaker?
  • Sure it will work fine with Arcanist and Nightblade, but 1st. has less hp and 0 good AoE abilities for cold damage, also 0 resist reduction
    Aura of Conviction or Aura of Censure?
  • Aura of Conviction provides good OA/phys. resist and +%frostburn damage, but Aura of Censure has a free Maiven’s Sphere (20% reduced targets damage and !!! -35% elemental resist. For faster leveling take the 1st. one, but change it to Aura of Censure, when you start playing on Ultimate.
    No use of item granted Winter King’s Might?
    The helm granted skill was prolly fixed and doesn’t deal much damage (3 projektiles 20k dmg each), but you can use it with “Rumor”. I’d stay with “Horn of Gandarr” for better crowd control.


Relic - Ignaffar’s Combustion (+DA/+AS/-cold res.)
Weapon - Mythical Bane of the Winter King (+flat cold dmg/+armor/-cold res.)
Armor - Mythical Frostdread Cuirass (+flat cold dmg)
Helm - Mythical Crown of the Winter King (+flat cold damage/-cold res./)
Gloves - Mythical Icekorn Talons (good damage boost for ABB)
Amulet - Mageslayer’s Protector (+OA/-cold resist)
Medal - Mythical Mark of Divinity (+hp/musthave for no soldier)
Ring - Incorruptible Living Ring of NB (+hp/+% cold dmg/+resists)
Ring #2 - Generals Living Ring of NB (same as 1st. + stun resist)
Pants - Impervious Aleksander’s Chausses of Vitality (+hp xD)


LMB - Amarasta’s Blade Burst (w/ Dryads Blessing)
RMB - Shadow Strike (w/ Whirlpool)
Keyboard 1 - Rune of Hagarrad
Keyboard 2 - Pneumatic Burst
Keyboard 3 - Inquisitors Seal
Keyboard 4 - Horn of Gandarr (w/ Rumor)
Keyboard 5 - Ring of Steel (w/ Elemental Storm)
Keyboard Q - Word of Renewal
Mouse 4 (back) - Blade Barrier

Coming soon


First two nemeses have maximal 97% cold resist

Moosilauke (Undead Nemesis) on Ultimate (old version of build)

Fabius The Unseen (Cronley’s Nemesis) on Ultimate (current version)

The Iron Maiden (Kymon’s Nemesis) on Ultimate (current version)

I remember there was a build by Chinese guy I think, just grimtools and a video where kills Lokkar in 11 seconds with Infiltrator with similiar items. Except he spams Winter King’s Might from helmet. Have you tried it? Probably better with blue Alkamos rings.

wow that a grear job well don <3 :rolleyes:

I’ve finished AoM expansion, but haven’t tried to kill any super-bosses yet. Alkamos ring’s are good, but since i’m playing HC i care more about “not-to-die” than “deal-more-dmg” :smiley:

Maybe something like this

But squeeze Ghoul instead of Jackal there. Just try this skill from helmet, it’s much stronger than ABB once in 1,8 seconds, much more sustain too.

Thanks for your respond! I would like to keep Dryad for heal and reduction in bleeding duration (Iron Maiden, Kubacabra, Fabius). However with your items damage will be greater, but 11k hp is 1-shot for Grava’Thul :c
Just tried, 29k dmg (x1.94 crit) with 2k+ cold modifier and high mana cost, not an option, sowwy :o

This one’s great. It’s awkward not seeing the helm skill in a winter king build though. I suggest moving Rumor to Winter king’s might and whirlpool to shadow strike. This allows you to proc 2 whirlpools at the same time. Useful against hard bosses. And the shotgun/spammability of the winter king skill is more effective at proccing rumor.

Edit: not suggesting you use the helm skill for damage. Just as a devotion proccer. You don’t need horn of gandarr with my suggested setup so it’s not more buttons.

oh, well, I just tried to replicate that Chinese guy build, was just a draft. But he sure did use Winter King’s Might as a damage skill. Imo, if you cap Casting Speed, 165% weapon damage piercing enemies shotgun is hella strong. Just need to find correct items to patch all the hp/resist problems (maybe good greenshoulders).

Just changed shadowstrike + whirlpools and Rumor + Horn of Gandarr, it works much better thanks! For Rumor there is only 15% “chance of Atack” with “Winter king’s might”, but 87% with “Horn of Gandarr”

Winter King’s might is better for rumor cause it’s spammable, even with lower proc chance you can at least spam it until it activates. Horn of Gandarr has 87% but if you don’t proc rumor with one cast, then you wait 6s to have another chance at proccing it again, reducing your effective dps.

I tested it x4 times on Fabius and i’d say he dies a little faster with Horn of Gandarr (87% proc almost always + good Crowd Control skill). In the time i use Winter King’s might i can hit him ~2-3 times and deal more damage. I will stay with Horn of Gandarr in this case :wink:

I see. Can’t argue if you have tested it :smiley:

Great to see more 2h elemental damage builds! :smiley:

EDIT: I had done a theory craft of a similar build in the past, tweaked it a bit based on your build for crucible farming. It prioritizes damage over survival, so not for HC use.

This cold infiltrator idea seems popular. I also theorycrafted it and went for this: grimtool.

My build surely lacked RR (not BIS amulet + aura of censure instead of conviction) and I wasn’t impressed and retired it for Radaggan set testing.

I’d be curious to see this 11 sec. Lokarr video though ? I can’t believe this is a few steps away from a t1 build.

So… where is the levelling guide? I would be quite keen to see it :).

Most levelings are made with one particular skill that has enough damage to carry you at least through the first 75 levels. There are mostly no guides on how to level, because most of us know how to level our characters. In this case, the best would be using Word of Pain tree and focusing on elemental damage. You’ll eventually see when your damage is kind of weak/solidly weak and you’ll know you gotta re-build.

Rune of Hagarrad is also excellent for levelling. Great AoE and great shotgun/damage for Boss killing.

WoP is way better, imo, because it has no cooldown and, arguably, more AoE. Also Rune of Hagarrad needs to arm if I remember correctly (actually used it only once the second day of AoM release, so I can be wrong here).

I haven’t levelled with Word of Pain so don’t know how well it works but Hagarrad is pretty damn good and with this build means you get used to how it plays as you level rather than using a skill that you’ll drop later on.

I’d rather say it depends on the playstyle at this point. If you’re like “fuck off, gimme 94”, you go WoP, if you’re like “OH DAMN LET’S PLAY GRIMMY DAWNY!!! <3 <3 <3” then you go Hagarrad, because it actually requires you to put it in a good spot or move around it to deal effective damage (hitting more enemies at once). Word of Pain just requires you to push a button. Oh and run forward. :stuck_out_tongue: