V1.1.4.0 Preview

After you guys are done with the updates please consider releasing a third loyalist pack so that the fan-base can show you more of their support.
The changes are awesome to say the least, since I’ve been around a while I know for a fact as to how difficult these might have been to implement so thank you for this.


Thank you,Crate! Time to uninstall Grim Internals lol

I hope that it will be possible to activate the player healthbar in single player mode as well so that the focus can be more in the centre of the screen when playing HC.

I am really excited for this update mainly to not have to reinstall/redownload grim internals and this tool will be more optional than before. The QoL updates and the new scaling for veteran/normal should be a fun and refreshing experience.

It also boils down the experience to watching a bar and makes builds feel like a waste of time when said bar isn’t as high. Would be an incredibly toxic addition.

Inquisitor Martyr releasing expansions for a broken game while Crate improves a polished game for free for the sake of it. They deserve all the money.


the game is already a dps meter. below a certain treshold fights stop being fun as damage is also your sustain.

Hello, thanks for keeping the game updated I really like the game!

What do you think about adding a button in the world map that teleports you to your personal rift? I think this is a good QoL so you don’t have to move through the map searching for the red small icon.

Soo much wonderful news.
Thank you!

It’s being maintained by only one person because they don’t want to open source it. IIRC preventing users that have pirated the game from being able to use GI was their sole (or main) reason. Since most of the key GI features are being integrated into the base game now, that reason doesn’t really hold up any longer. Not to mention, there are patched versions of GI out there as it is.

I’m glad Crate are adding stuff from GI, but they’re never going to add all of it (e.g custom teleport locations, variable speed), or even to the level of customisation we have right now. I fully intended to keep using GI regardless, but it looks like that might not be possible.

If they choose to drop development, I hope the GI author will put it on Github (or wherever) so we can have multiple contributors and keep it alive. Hell, even add more features that have been requested in the GI thread. Features which weren’t worth the time of one dev, but could be possible by multiple hands.

This is why we buy the loyalist packs. CHRIST this looks great!!

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There hasnt been an exact date this coming update was planned for was there? If not I will just have to watch out for any updates to my library.

Looking forward to the updates! One thing I would ask, if there’s a way to highlight corpses/rocks/loose rocks, etc. (like a toggle in options for those of us who like the “easy” route.)

will there be nerf to father kymon, kymon’s larva and korvaak’s ridiculous fire damage and fire debuff?

Ok, that changes to Thermite mine is definitely promising. I really like it. Though with this, demolitionist seems overtune. Maybe it’s time to tone down their offensive skills a bit, but give them some more defense, maybe like res or cc res.

Also, arcanist looks really good now.

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Later this month. They work on the updates until they’re ready to ship, and then they ship 'em. So that’s why we don’t really get exact dates. Plus it leaves them room to delay if they need to.

seems good started to assume so since most of the updates and both expansions took as long as they needed to be polished and ready to ship. Sometime within the next month at the latest id imagine though got quite a bit of time left.

Holy shit! This is the best update in a while! I was only expecting the auto-loot of components and the search function, based on previous updates, but we got so much more! Amazing work Crate! (Pssst, give us more unlockable(expensive?) storage space and this game is literally perfect!)


I am, like, “just shut up and take my money!”

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Very nice work! Unbelievable how this game keeps improving, thanks crate

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