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I think such an option would have some drawbacks like picking up literally every armour/weapon dropped (even those that I decided to filter out in order not to even see them). Soon one’d be fed up with picking up yellow items. If such an option would ever be added, the 1st thing I’d do would be to disable it. On the other hand, I wouldn’t consider 3rd party tools that enable to do so cheating.

i write in german. i can´t so good english. but google translate helps,:blush:. ich spiele rollenspiele seit bestimmt 20 jahren. und ich habe immer alles an loot aufgehoben. wann ist die zeit gekommen wo man immer nur schnell, schnell durch die gegend hetzt und nur dass aufhebt was man gebrauchen kann? vielleicht wirkt es merkwürdig mit meinen 48 jahren, aber ich geniesse zum widerholten male( und nein ich verrate nicht wie viele charaktere ich habe) jede ecke zu erkunden, alles aufzusammeln und jedes geheimnis zu entdecken! es gehört für mich dazu! genauso, wie es ein spiel vorgibt (ich gebe zu der autoloot der komponente ist sexy :wink: ) alles per mouseklick aufzusammeln. leute nehmt mal den stress raus! geniesst dass spiel, warum muss es alles schnell. schnell gehen?dass leben ist zu kurz, als dass man sich nicht der kleinen dinge erfreuen kann. möööp wieder kein passender loot für meinen char, aber ein anderer kanns gut gebrauchen, freu*dass macht für mich unter anderem ein arpg aus. ;p


Well for me it’s “open chest” or “move into loot pile” and then spamming the “pick up loot” button - I’ve set mine to the “^” button left of “1”, and it does the trick nicely - no need to click on all the loot tooltips that are floating around…

Also zumindest ich hab’ mich irgendwann an all den gelben Sachen sattgesehen (mal ganz abgesehen davon dass die eh’ nicht soviel wert sind) weswegen ich die normalen und magischen Gegenstände ausfiltere, aber wenn ich das “Ping” höre das von Ringen, Amuletten und Medaillen verursacht wird halte ich einfach Alt gedrückt und pick’ mir die Juwelen aus dem restlichen Zeug raus… :slight_smile:

Ansonsten kann ich Dir nur zustimmen - durchspielen ohne alles besichtigt zu haben geht gar nicht… :slight_smile:

This game was fun until you guys made it where I die constantly now. I wish developers would leave the game mechanics alone! Add new things, yes, but leave the mechanics alone or make an elitist mode version of the game where the people that have all the time in the world to play this game can fight against mobs that have 1,000,000 HP with 100,000 armor. Some of us just want to build a character and be able to play through the game, in a reasonable amount of time, without having to continually die and have to run back to where your corpse is. I was dying even before the changes, now it is mental.


:grin:me too. and under healdrink :joy:

I have to admit that the new visual FX are stunningly gorgeous!
The search option is one of the most useful features in the game!

I have been playing for years and I find myself dying a whole lot more now even on vet normal, but plz keep in mind that a lot of us were bored of the entire normal campaign because it was so easy to face tank every mob and every boss while eating a sandwich and watching a movie until this fix. This was a very nice surprise to a lot of us.

If you are dying a lot check out this thread and find a build you like. GD is a stupidly fun and simple game as far as play mechanics, but when it comes to character builds it is OMG over the top impressive and insane in the amount of builds you can do, blowing every other game I have ever played away with the sheer number of options. If you are just picking skills that look good, it is easy to miss skills that don’t look as impressive but mesh well with other skills. I have no character building skills, but I love following the builds other people make and seeing how well they perform.

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Perhaps its time to learn how the game works, i.e. getting resistance, armor, armor absorb, other defensive mechanics, how to boost damage etc…

100%. This is not a casually minded ARPG. And even saying that, there are very few things one has to learn to have a smooth journey through elite at least.

Well, if you need a cookie cutter model to play the game, no thanks. Why not just sell pre-built characters if the game is not intuitive enough to allow you to build a functional character, why have a choice at all??!! I have played Path of Exile it is the same, either you build some cookie cutter build from a website or forget it. It is no fun to have to follow a pre-defined model, why even give us a choice if the paths won’t work. I should have to take a week long training just to have fun playing a game, it is too much work. I am just making a suggesting, I guess I am totally in the minority and will leave you guys be, you don’t need to listen to me.

So you think that a build with one point in every skill and with damage types spread all over the place should work? :thinking:

Its like life you know, there are many predefined paths and goals about where you can live, what you can work with etc. You can’t for instance live on Hawaii, and work as a janitor in Bangladesh simultaneously.

Have you played other RPG’s where this work? Like dungeons and dragons? Have you played other games where “whatever you do you will finish the game”? xD sounds like fun games man.

The basis of RPG’s is to learn the game mechanics and rules, and what paths and end goals are viable choices for finishing the game.

Have you played chess too?


You don’t need to follow a guide. But guides help to understand the game mechanics and then based on that knowledge you build your own characters. Just reading the game guide and skill descriptions will let you build a decent character on your own for Veteran at least.

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Did you not read in my post I quoted you on earlier that you have an absolute ton of build options? Where did you get cookie cutter build needed?

Stop putting words into our mouths and read what we are stating.

You have a TON of build options. I personally am not good at character building and I am happy to admit that, so I follow Malawiglenn’s Beginner Builds thread that I linked you and he explains everything very well.

If you want something you can just randomly select skills and make work then GD won’t be for you, nor will PoE or the Diablo series, although Diablo is much more forgiving then PoE or GD.

Instead of getting mad you can’t randomly throw something together, just try to follow one of the beginner builds and see how things go.

I personally love following the builds and making new alts to try new things with.

People here are incredibly helpful and will help you with a ton of things, but posting that the game won’t let you win will not ingratiate you to many people here.

Forget everything you know and just read some guides and have fun and start over. This is not a Dark Souls type of game where everything is stupidly hard, but it doesn’t cater to people who won’t put forth the effort.

In Diablo III you can actually just pick any skills and runes and still complete the main quests :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I was mainly referring to D2, but even in D3 if you want to do end game stuff you need to build properly.

GD will let you beat the main campaign on Normal or Elite with a multitude of build styles, but ultimate is not nearly as forgiving.

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…und das nimmt dir ja auch niemand weg. Die ganzen Neuerungen sind ja alle optional.

Ich persönlich spiele Grim Dawn schon sehr lange, und alles einzen aufzuklicken hat mir irgendwann buchstäblich körperlich weh getan, davon abgesehen ist bei manchen Kämpfen schnell der ganze Bildschirm mit Komponenten und Handwerkswaren vollgekleistert. Mit auto pickup macht man einen Schritt, und der Bildschirm ist wieder “sauber”.

Mein ja nur. :wink:

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Have you even played the game? Just start it and pick a build you like. If you feel you are having a hard time and not doing enough damage, then re-evaluate. Titan Quest taught me that lesson. And Diablo II too, on replays with the Sorceress. There are some weird and unlikely builds in this game, but getting there to use them is often something that takes time. You can find ton of high end builds on this forum, but most of the fun of the game is actually getting there and finding skills and items to use on the way. And while you play one character, you will keep finding items and sets that’ll give you ideas for OTHER builds… and it never ends. :smiley:

Wow, this is a pretty nice change. :slight_smile: I still enjoy the story and like to do all three modes instead of using merits, but there are some builds where you can only properly start using their equipment on 94th level, so you are indeed in a rush. But I never skipped veteran - when I sometimes un-ticked it by accident the game felt way too easy.

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