WH 40K Inquisitor - Martyr

Is the game really that broken? I have a friend who worked on it and he keeps trying to convince me to buy it… But I am honestly not yet ready to play another ARPG, there are so many things yet to try in GD.

Many of the core systems were totally destroyed and are dysfunctional after the big update and instead of fixing it they launched a DLC, while continuing to push paid currency into your face which is becoming more scarce to obtain ingame. Not worth even playing if you got it for free. Half of the weapon archetypes aren’t even usable in endgame, it’s a joke. Game shouldn’t exist.

Sounds like you’re talking about a totally different game. What core systems were destroyed? Paid currency ingame? Not in GD. Just what?

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:two_hearts: Looks like some older folks need more time to adjust to new new forum. /asshatmode :two_hearts:


We just need more dedicated threads instead of wandering from topic to topic in existing ones.

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Lol. Thanks guys. Enjoyed this. :smile: