V1.1.6.0 Itemization Discussion

Yup. It would be good if the effect was applied. I don’t think the effect itself is too bad. The problem is that some enemies completely disable CC.
For example, if you have multiple Boss with 500% resistance in SR, you lose a lot of value because you can’t even do damage.
If I’m wrong and it works for all enemies, I will try to use OFF and BT aggressively.

Mageslayer OFF is still perfectly good in campaign and high level (65-75) SR. Yeah, some enemies are gonna be immune to the freeze, and they might take a little longer to kill because of it, but that’s balanced out by other enemies being made a complete cakewalk. As long as your build can still function decently even without OFF, it should be fine.

(also, Kuba only gets 500% freeze resistance at low health iirc, so he’s not too bad on that front)


Thank you. I want to test Coundit and Mageslayer during the holidays.

By the way what’s your opinion on exclusive skills status?

I would suggest buff to Reckless power. It doesn’t have benefits outside of aether damage and attack/cast speed. I mean HoS have AtcdH+the similar stats, Reckless can have some other perks.

About skills support, I would like to see more items support to non retaliation RF. Especially true for physical builds. For example Retribution skill bonuses and skill’s mods are restricted to retal only.


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Why are you cherrypicking “speed” part of the argument I made? What about consistency of a build? Tankiness? Quality of life (mana sustain, how piano it is, mobility)? I think players care about that. And also yeah, most ARPG plays care about the speed too. Nobody wants to equip an endgame set at level 100 on a synergetic build and farm as slow as some memey wacky build.

Back on topic:

Bloodrager’s Endless Frenzy

Can this proc from the helmet have Physical/IT damage bonus too, please:

Also, can a set bonus proc have Phys/IT damage values equal to Bleeding ones:


I was thinking about something more trivial like https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2BWyqkV tbh, but in any case it would be fair for Tenebris to get +2/+2 OK/Occ. Heck, lets make it for every 94 setless 2h lacking +2/+2.

I completely disagree, it should be named after Mogdrogen. Bysmiel has too many items as it is.


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Rah’Zin’s Torment set: please replace the almost useless mods for WD and ZT on 4 pieces with sth really useful like 10-12% crit damage and 110 DA/OA, as chaos struggles both with crit damage (outside DG’s proc) and with native stats.

M.Voidsteel Gauntlets - increase %damage bonus to 87% or similar.

M. Dreadweaver - replace mods for War Cry with, maybe, some flat cold to Cadence or -10% cold RR to Spectral Binding. Cold DK is a meme but it will still make more sence than using WC as a damaging skill.

Blazerush: replace conversion to Upheaval with 100% lightning to fire conversion and armor bonus with 110 OA.

M. Obsidian Juggernaut: a weapon that suits chaos cadence/BA well (ofc, they’re also meme) but has no AS. Please consider adding at least 14% of it. Also +4 to Hellfire Mine can be replaced with +4 to Cadence/BA.

M. Dreadscorcher: replace +2 to Arcanist with +2 to Demo.

EDIT: please increase the phys->chaos conversion on Consecrated Blade transmuter to 10% per level.


Rah’Zin’s Torment set: please replace the almost useless mods for WD and ZT on 4 pieces with sth really useful like 10-12% crit damage and 110 DA/OA, as chaos struggles both with crit damage (outside DG’s proc) and with native stats.

Absolutely agree with the suggestion. Crit damage and OA are actual problems with this set’s builds. Yes, for two-handers we have Kraken with crit damage, but dual-wielders have none, except Dying God. DA is manageable, though (I speak of Witchblades, at least. For them, 3k is possible to get).

Also, I have an idea about Rah set. What about adding support to chaos BA instead of ZT? For example, 4-pieces completion bonus for Soldier would be like: 6-8% ADctH to BA, 20% to BA, 40 chaos damage to BA. ZT works only with default-attack skills, it has no use in dual-wielding specs, so only two-handers remain. Touch of Chaos damage is miserable for slow weapons (worse than Fire Strike) and Cadence, to be honest, is the most terrible skill for 2H (inconsistent damage because of the mechanic of third strike and damage diapason on the weapon itself). And I don’t even say about AoE damage (it does not exist) As a default attack or nuke skill BA wins all awards, imho. Some stun resistance would help too. To cover it and hardcap BA I have to use https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/11161 with right affixes, so I break Rah set, which means less RR from Curse of Frailty for RR-hungry spec, less OA from Fighting Spirit, less damage and damage absorption from Possession.

M. Obsidian Juggernaut: a weapon that suits chaos cadence/BA well (ofc, they’re also meme) but has no AS. Please consider adding at least 14% of it. Also +4 to Hellfire Mine can be replaced with +4 to Cadence/BA.

In conjunction with changes to Rah’Zin set above attack speed addition would be really good. Unfortunately, Wrath of Tenebris is much better, as I witnessed in Crucible and SR. When I tried Juggernaut and saw barely 185% AS with Dying God and Battle Cry active, I knew someone would be harmed badly. When Aethermarked and Tainted debuffs appeared… Well, it is a sad story.


Another suggestion.

Amarastan Crusher: I would love to see this weapons ABB modifier placed on a 2h weapon with some range increases and damage adjusted accordingly or as necessary. That would be fun as hell. Give this weapon something else in place.

Might be really cool in Nightshade with adjustments and it fits the theme of a night blade using a huge 2hander.

It would feel like PoE Bladestorm without the lingering effect.

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Maw of the Damned
Meat Shield
Markovian’s Bulwark
Spellscourge Bulwark
Virtue’s Defender

Give these shields 8% phys resi.
IMO, non-retaliation shields are useless in most cases, but their lack of physical immunity furthers that.


I don’t really like this suggestion, as someone who has a functioning build with the weapon. (It was the build I used primarily to test Vitality against the new roguelike!)

While my build is a Ritualist, you’ll run into a similar issue with a lower cooldown on the skill: not enough energy upkeep. CoP won’t sustain you enough for a 1.0/1.5s CD Bone Harvest after several casts and you may well go dry on Energy between potions. Even with Mog Pact and considerable +Shaman, my build can barely go from one mobpack to another with 2s BH and auxiliary skills between Energy Potions.

Furthermore, I’m not sure I understand @adoomgod’s point about 300% WD “giving you enough lifesteal as it is.” ADCTH does not scale above 100% efficiency, and while my build does boast a solid 39% ADCTH globally, the additional 8% is noticeable enough and helps the 20k-HP character survive from burst to burst, which both Shamans and Oathkeepers are inherently prone to endure. (though Oathkeepers are aided with Resilience)

The weapon is currently perfectly functional and not in dire need of improvement. Having said that, if it were to get a buff, trading flat Health for flat DA would be ideal both for Oathkeepers (who have no DA outside Resilience/Consecration) and Shamans (who have none outside TotB).

My point with the lifesteal is not that it scales with the 300% WD -.-, it’s that 300% WD is a lot of damage and thus 100% of your lifesteal is going to be plenty of burst heal by itself. Is that not clear? Attacks with a ton of %WD tend to hit hard, which means if you have any decent amount of lifesteal (vit builds tend to) then it’s a lot of healing.

As for perfectly functional and not in need of improvement, can you just share your build? When I made the suggestion on Discord I didn’t share it on the forum for a reason… @Maska322 I meant to just suggest the change you want… not friggen quote me as if I was claiming to be super knowledgeable about the item. Jesus.

If you like a suggestion for an item change say why for yourself. If I don’t personally post on the item with my thoughts here it’s because I felt my suggestion was too casual for me to put my own weight behind it. If you felt it’d help your build you could post your build and why you think it’d help…

All that being said, casting Bone Harvest more frequently would be burst healing more often as opposed to bigger burst healing less often, and make Vit Bone Harvest more of a main source for the build. DA instead of health on the item would be nice too.


Greens are excessive and by no means mandatory. The resists on the legs can be spread throughout the rings/boots without much damage/tankiness loss. I’ll also edit the above link into my first post.

Edit: In hindsight, the build definitely doesn’t need so much Oak Skin (old habits die hard…) and BH is overcapped by a point. Woops.

Edit 2:

While this isn’t inherently false, it does become untrue as soon as you run out of Energy. :wink:

I certainly didn’t consider the energy probs, because I was just making a cursory thought at the item after trying just his one build out with it. I like your Ritualist. Maybe the item’s fine. shrug Though more in mog pact might help but you’d have to make sacrifices ofc

I am sorry, I couldn’t just walk past it. But why do you even use Savagery on your build, when you don’t convert any of the Lightning damage to Vitality? Your weapon damage is abysmally low for any meaningful melee two-handed action. Also even though you used twenty fantasy greens your total Vitality damage is still 1463%, smh.

I would recommend dropping this melee nonsense, and playing it as a caster (with Vitality belt and medal), it would be infinitely better, I guarantee.

To stay on topic, this green weapon could indeed use a flat CDR roll instead of adtch mod.

Or, OR, it could use Lightning to Vitality damage rolls so players can finally play a semi-proper melee Vitality Ritualist.

I feel like that would make it too strong. If they could lower the %WD penalty by 25% it’d be perfect imo.

Did you try using arcane spark?

You should have 0 energy problems with it

@ceno: Didn’t bother fixing things too much, but try this intead - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZw4MXqN

EDIT: If energy is still PiTA, girdle of stolen dreams should fix everything