V1.1.6.0 Itemization Discussion

Probably doesn’t like that a legit played lightning build would have to go through tedious ages of lower efficiency farming to get where other builds can get with ease, according to the reasoning.


Thanks, you explained my reasoning very well. I just understood that my and Xervous’ opinions on that are totally different and decided to stop the useless discussion.

Except lightning builds have probably the easiest time with low gear (probably only vitality has an easier time). Lightning builds can do a ton with faction gear, specially after the major buffs faction gear got in a recent update.

Storm Witch ring and storm shepperd belt are pretty much endgame items for lightning. Having them be craftable just would give easy access to endgame items and make lightning have an even easier time gearing up.

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Which, one would note, is not inherently a bad thing, but it’s far from a necessity too.

Jumping off from this, it would be nice to have some fire melee firestrike support outside of weapons. Maybe more for a “what new items would you like” topic versus this one though as I don’t know what current legendary to change.


Yep, I agree. Even made a decent endgame melee Fire Strike build, which is relatively strong, but of course limited by lack of items support out outside of Blazehearts and general fire support from Justicar. I proposed to add some specific skill support to Demo’s side of Justicar. Melee support would be a cool (like an additional bonus that requires melee weapon or wps or something).


Stormseer Sapphire
Lightning AAR does not use Stormseer Sapphire because it has an Aetherbolt pendant.
Lightning / Cold AAR has no explicit set support. I think %dmg and ADCtH are better than just giving Flat Lightning.
Another option is to change the AAR to another skill. For example, for PRM, Ludrigan MH may use it.

Arcanum Electrollis
I think +3 Supercherged is better than +3 Shattered Star. In that case, Ludrigan will be the choice.

Yes it won’t. And it will make caster demo a looot stronger. 100% fire meteors? Count me in. Been a long time since I played fire builds.



It’s not like there are demo casters that use this sword except Virtue Shieldbreakers. And Virtue is in a bad place right now, so why not.

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That’s been a thing since FG



wait, you mean proc meteors! my bad.

I’d ask for CDR on the Northern Wyrm : https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/9400

Honestly, the item is bad, and outclassed for everything you try to make with it. The weapon fits better for caster/frostburn builds, which is more viable with an off-hand combo for the higher %damage and CDR.

You could compare it with other 2H weapons :
Ultos’ [https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/9431] has attack/cast speed, CDR and physical resistance ;
Gutripper [https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/9406] has triple the flat DoT of the Wyrm (though it’s bleed so it compensates the lower direct damage), but other 2H ranged weapons with DoT have 20% [https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/12657] to 100% [https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/9404] more flat DoT damage, maybe this aspect could be improved as well.


I want Northern Wyrm to have some sort of 70-100% cold conversion.
(It is also good to convert multiple damage types to 50% Cold, like Gutsmasher.)

  • Lightning to Cold improves the damage of constellations and skills.

  • Asid / poison to Cold improves damage when including Nightblade and Murmur.

  • Pierce to Cold improves the damage of Inq and Nightblade skills, and also Increases health recovery from Bat.


Mythical Consumption of Agrivix

Isn’t good for Callidor Tempest Sorc or Templar non retal build. My performance improved when I equipped Vanity. Vanity gives OA and DA, which my build needed and +1 skills to both classes.

So I suggest to add either +1 Arcanist or at least cast speed. Other option ofc is to make it Retaliation exclusive item.


Decree of Malmouth

% Elemental dmg for this weapon doesn’t make much sense.
100% Elemental to Vit is relatively easy to achieve and will often do so.
Using this weapon has little benefit, as there are other good options for the Chaos FoI.
So I think it should be changed.
Below are some ideas.

  • Change% Elemental dmg to% Aether dmg.
    Necro and Inq both have Aether resi reduce and are compatible. It will be one of the options for Inq Conduit (Aether FoI). However, it is a bit far for Shaman.

  • Delete% Elemental dmg and add +% CS.
    CS is purely good for FoI.

  • Added Proc skills including Elemental and Vit dmg.
    This gives the advantage of choosing this weapon in Ritualist.

Mythical Inashkor’s Head
First of all, there are two main reasons for using Off-hand. One is for energy regeneration. Another is to use skills that have equipment requirements.
Currently, the only physical build that is really struggling with energy consumption is EoR. Since physical EoR can achieve 100% physical conversion with Bronath, we do not use this off-hand and there is no Oath support in the first place.
From this my suggestion

  • 45% Vitality Damage converted to Physical Damage changed to Aether converted to Physical Damage.
    With this change, 100% Phys AAR is possible. Aether to Phys also works on the Necro side. Vit to phys is still possible with the Gladieter belt.

Inashkor’s Corrupted Head
This is even more difficult. Phys / Chaos hybrid is forced, but there is no skill suitable for it.
Chaos / Phys set includes Rah’Zin’s, which focuses on AA, which does not consume much energy. Therefore, it is better to go to DW than to use offhand. Also, if you use component skills with conversions, there is some waste as physics are converted to other types.
Spam BA struggles a bit with energy, but BA doesn’t trigger WPS, and 1hBA is now very bad.

Some changes are needed to make this better and more usable, but I can’t think of it.

Thank you for your consideration.


Aether-to-Physical conversion for this item would give much needed gear flexibility to build Physical AAR, so + 1 from me. Also, may I suggest reducing proc CD to 30-35 sec instead of 45, or increase proc time from 10 to 20 sec? The skill is really good, but timers are too severe from both sides. Thanks.

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Recently tried a bone lance Battlemage and this would indeed help. +1
Bone lance itself needs a buff on top of that though.


Adjusting recharge / duration is good, but I think it ’s better to remake the proc skill.
Overall not bad, but honestly clunky. ADCtH is useless without Wep dmg.
Instant healing is good, but it doesn’t make sense if you die with a single shot because it’s not persistent and doesn’t reduce the damage itself.
If the skill procs more often, 180% is a bit too much, considering that it is a single item and there are other statistics.

+1. As someone else has said before, I hope that the number of projectiles will increase.

Damage Absorption is quite useful as it actually reduces the damage.
Alternatively, it might be interesting to give too many Health regen to increase sustainability. (Like the Avenger set)
Sol and Occ are compatible because they earn Health regen.

Focusing on Phys is a trap. Chaos works much better. For example like this.
However, DW Myth Fang of Ch’thon may be easier and work better.

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Vampirris: I’m not sure how a Chaos Flames of Ignaffar + Reap Spirit Apostate would ever reach something workable, especially with Mythical Fiendgaze Tome that also provides Chaos conversion to Reap Spirit. I would suggest removing the Reap Spirit bonus entirely and give it to Mythical Dracarris instead.

Mythical Black Scourge: This item is in dire need of a skill modifier- ideally something to go well with the Chaos Reap Spirit vibe as Reap Spirit is one of the few skills a petmancer can use to kill enemies which can spawn the little bugs. Providing some Chaos RR to Ill Omen or adding a Chaos damage boost to Call of the Grave similar to Claw of Hagarraz does for Vitality will help in making this type of build work. The big question then becomes: How do we prevent items like this from being a strictly inferior Witching Hour? Giving emphasis to Chaos Defiler- which I had mentioned in the past - helps a bit in the “not make this item completely obsolete” department.

Mythical Fiendmaster Raiment: This item would be a lot more interesting if the skill bonuses weren’t so awful. The bonuses to Ground Slam have no place here, as the Beastcaller’s Set or even the Epic Mogdrogen set would serve a Briarthorn + Ground Slam function much better. Siphon Souls is not used by many Necromancers period, much less pet users. Having only Vitality Resistance is a joke to pet-based Necromancers, who typically have plenty of Vitality resistance to go around.

I’d recommend having Reap Spirit here and have it replace items like Mythical Mark of Bloody Ends which is trying to make some weird Bleeding Ritualist work (hint: It’s not going to work) and adding Chaos resistance for the player. The pet bonuses are fine, but skill points are at a premium, and it’s not worth giving up valuable slots for sets and such for something that only marginally benefits the player.

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In my opinion, to have mini-Menhir’s Will plus some Ghoul action in one buff is not a bad idea. Bones and AAR via Arcanist Conduit have %WD, so additional lifesteal helps much. I agree with the last statement, the proc itself must be toned down (120% would be adequate) to match reduced CD.


Yup. You’re right. Proc is not so bad when using skills including% WD. In off-hand, MW does not work, so it is a good alternative.

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