V1.1.7.1 Build Discussion

Well as far as I know the drop rate for (non-roguelike) uniques weren’t changed but only MIs, and I was only addressing MIs? But you are right in that this is off topic.

Yeah, so I could mod the game so that all the bosses have 1 hp. I don’t get why people always bring up this single player, just mod it point. If you complain about drop rates, then just use GDstash and get whatever gear you want. Any complaint then becomes pointless because you can just mod the game…

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/10 char.

Phys AAR Battlemage - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZo8RllN

All the mods on Inashkor’s head feel redundant. You’re not running this build without Decree of the Circle and two seals of might, so you already have close to 100% elemental/aether to phys conversion. The physical damage is the only thing going through enemy armor, so it has a negligible effect. A much more valuable mod would be %WD or a low amount of ADCTH to AAR, so builds could use amulets other than Essence of the Grim Dawn.

I mean, great…but you’ve given me no context to work with here.

This goes for other posts here too. If you just post a GT link and say, buff please, you can bet on it that nothing further will be done.

We need to know by what metric you are judging your build, why you think it’s in need of help, not how you want X item or skill buffed in a vacuum.

If you build it right it’s absolutely insane, dude:

I highly don’t recommend devs to do it. Phys AAR Templar is already dangerously close to sacral 5.00.
What should be done, in my opinion, - is general buff of Battle Mage as a class (Soldier side, ofc). Because now, the whole mastery feels redundant. It has some great synergy with shaman and nightblade, but in both cases it’s playing support role or Blade Arc. Spam FW has been buffed recently, but it still could use a little bump (reducing the -%total WD, because it’s affects lifesteel squared).

Though, this is completely true.

I have built a feedback post regarding Fire / Lightning retaliation: Mirror of Ereoctes Retaliation + Elemental Retal in general

This is the next version of the Retaliation Templar that tries to use the 800% to Retal damage to Mirror. I doubt anyone is going to try to use a Retaliation Spellbinder, so the Mirror + Aegis combination is likely the best way to use the Amulet’s Mirror bonus. However, even with increased Physical Resistance over the previous version, I still can’t beat SR65. Templar is not particularly known for its passive regeneration, and my devotions are locked in going for Time Dilation and several Retal Devotions (Messenger of War + Hyrian).

I think the larger issue is that Absolution has only 50% uptime and Mirror has even less. When both of them are active, I feel amazing, and I clear groups easily. When I have to wait for both of them to activate, I feel like I’m throwing a plastic toy at enemies and my leech is drastically reduced.

The best option, outside of buffing the Templar items specifically, is shortening the downtime on Absolution so that I don’t feel like I’m constantly running waiting for the cooldowns to end and have respectable Retaliation damage like I do when I’m running Absolution + Mirror + devotion procs.

Hello, i just want point at some item might be has wrong bonus set, Unholy Covenant (lv75) has

(2) Set
20 Piercing Damage
20% Bleeding Resistance

because in Mythical version the pierce was a resist.

I’m aware of the Templar’s performance, but my specific issues are with the Battlemage spec. It’s not news that most physical Soldier/X classes are outdone by Oathkeeper/X instead thanks to stacking RR, unless you specifically need a soldier skill.

Specifically for phys AAR, X% reduced phys resist to War Cry on Inashkor’s Head could make up for the ridiculous RR gap.

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Hello there. About the Virtue’s Light set:

The first thing i’ve noticed is that this set struggles with low Offensive Ability (only decent with Ascension uptime). I think this could use a OA buff on 3 or 4 set bonuses. Other than that, my character is performing fine.

It wasnt me who said that. I think maul is very good as it is

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I think showcasing this Elemental DW soulthief Druid will be a chance to give feedback about multiple items at once. For reference, this guy can’t clear SR 65 despite even my meme-iest of meme builds being able to do so.

There are a few issues that prevent the build from working:

  • The first issue is that tri-element melee really struggles. There are 3 attack replacing skills (Cadence, Savagery, Shard of Beronath), but none of them really shine and itemization for each of them is lackluster (although item support for elemental cadence has improved recently).

  • Tri-element melee is one of the few damage types that have no gloves which grant both flat damage and attack speed.

  • Elemental savagery blows. The flat damage mod and 4% attack speed to savagery on the helm are nowhere near strong enough to make a workable build.

  • Soulthief has an innate cooldown on its WPS and it only hits with one hand.

Overall, despite 3.1K OA and >100% crit damage, the build is remarkably slow. My hope was that I could sacrifice defense in order to kill things quickly enough to survive, but even on a 100% offensive spec, the clear speed is much lower than almost any melee build I’ve played.

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Ragrathar’s Horn is too strong. Pierce to cold can be easily abused and has a lot of applications. Add to the fact that it is an offhand with CDR, it makes northern wyrm looks like a baby in comparison.

I suggest nerf ragrathar conversion to 25% avg and strengthen its skill mod, also maybe add another support for blade trap. Devouring blades almost doesnt have any presence in the itemization.

One more thing, please buff Soulrend or give some interesting skill mod to it. Bane of winter king is so powerful that I feel bad for soulrend… :laughing:


Please follow Zan’s request

Hush you rat! :wink:

But yah Chillwhisper is bonkers with that thing. Brokenest item this patch. The only thing holding back Chill RoH was lack of conversion. Now he got Silver/Runebinder+Wyrm level RoH and full Blade Spirits AND extra cdr (AND the goodies from amulet slot AND ways to hardcap everything: BS, RoH and Artifact Handling).

That is still pre-Wyrm level of Silver Sentinel RoH. Hagarrads+Alkamos+extra 30%. I suggest just pulling this thing back. Pierce to cold is the most volatile conversion in the game. And on a cdr offhand lol?

This. Phys res, please.

Here’s my lightning retal warder:


The Dawnseeker’s light set was nerfed “a bit” in To balance it back I would suggest: give the mace 8% RatA (instead of 6%) and increase the bonus retal damage to savagery to 1500. That would balance it back I think.


Valdun’s Purifier

Great build even after all the nerfs you gave it (please stop nerfing it!). The problem is that “Fragmenting Round” skill from the rifle is just totally useless. I tried playing with it so many times and each time it was just worse than simply auto-attacking, and worse both ways: for damage and survivability. I feel like it could be some interesting skill mod or proc or even stat.

Even if you improve its damage it would also be inferior to just auto-attacking and proccing strong wps skills. So changing it for something else would be great, even if it’s a small res or small stat boost.

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a few more words about spellscourge battlemage.

today phys meta includes taking Deathstalker relic (-%rr which would be also very helpful here) and Gladiator’s Distinction. Actually, the build is EXTREMELY short on skill points (like +1 to soldier/arcanist and only 1 skill bonus on each piece except of shoulders - there are two bonuses).
And now, even w/o said items, all tasty passives are almost 1-pointers as I just have nothing to invest in them.
It would be super-cool if some + to mastery (to Soldier, preferably) is added to the shield (alongside with some phys res) or just some skill bonuses added to set’s parts.
Another mod that confuses me is -manacost to BA. Build actually has 0 problems with mana and this mod feels redundant.
I suggest replacing it with some ADctH modifier to BA.

I would say we lacks of skill points for Arcanist mastery in particular. So it would be great to get +1 to all skills as additional bonus for certain mastery on the set or belt for example.

As for ADcTH for BA. Why don’t you use Mark of consumption in your setup?

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