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Radaggan + Decree is actually a build I’m currently working on. Yeah some cast speed on that or the weapon certainly wouldn’t hurt. Having an FoI weapon without cast speed kinda kneecaps the potential of that thing.

They might consider raising the attack speed of the misery swords, they really are very low.


Aura of Conviction is now extremely difficult to hardcap. It was removed from Timewarped Walkers (which makes sense, Aether/Chaos). It can now be found on:

1 faction chestpiece (+3)
1 gloves (+3 but converts to non-pierce)
1 blue pants (+2, somewhat lacking pants otherwise)
1 offhand (+2, very generic)
1 MI axe (+4)
1 ring (+2, barebones faction ring otherwise)

and the usual yellow armor roll and green caster item roll. Looking at this again as I try out goredrinker set, which blocks the chest piece. Basically just rolling with + inquisitor for a small bump and calling it because from the limited options it’s not worth the tradeoffs to get to hardcap scaling. Would love to see this show up in a few more spots


Me as well.See above.

Come to think of it, weapon attack/cast speed is also something that could deserve a look. As @Buttercup mentioned, there’s a whole slew of interesting weapons that get automatically filtered from the discussion solely due to lacking AS/CS. This goes all the way from levelling blues to end-game items. It can be a decent teaching tool as the player learns the game that “these are the affixes you’re looking for” but after that, what ends up happening is there’s a whole bunch of items that never really bear considering, because choosing them automatically shaves off like 10% of your damage output. Unless weapons that lack attack/cast speed receive a complimentary buff to their up-front damage (doesn’t really help casting weapons though), they don’t end up really finding a place anywhere. It’s especially prevalent among 2H, but 1H weapons aren’t exempt either (e.g. Bloodsong, Noctirn). Adding AS/CS to all end-game weapons (at the very least, if not levelling Epics and Legendaries as well) or increasing their damage to compensate could do wonders for expanding people’s range of options.


I don’t think it’s been brought up yet, so I’d like to approach Grasping Vines.

Acid Grasping Vines is okay now thanks to the Conduit for providing duration and the Archon class for CDR to stack a lot of Grasping Vines together. Vitality Grasping Vines is still going through turmoil depending on how good or nerfed Wildblood Set is. There are two Retal Vines builds out there - one being Mad_Lee’s Bramblevine Archon, and the other is this Retaliation Grasping Vines Warder that I think uses Lightning damage, but I can’t see the damage makeup of the skill.

Meanwhile, Bleeding Grasping Vines - one of the main selling points of the skill - has… Wildblood Set. There’s the Gutripper Rifle that’s supposed to be the big Grasping Vines weapon, but it’s effectively forcing you to combine it with 2H Bleeding Cadence with no Savagery benefits which include attack speed… and oh yeah, no attack speed on the weapon either. Then you have Bloodsurge Amulet, but then the Goredrinker set came out and made it so that you need the amulet to get the Soldier skills and the juicy bleeding mods to Cadence.

In the meantime, other equipment pieces that give +points to Grasping Vines are a Drain Essence caster helmet, Forcewave Shoulders with no Bleeding bonuses, and multiple items that combine GV skill bonuses with Blade Arc + Ring of Steel in which case you’re just picking the Bloodrager’s Set and doing Savagery instead and forgetting GV altogether.

It’d be really cool to try some sort of Grasping Vines + Goredrinker’s Vire’s Might Archon where the weapon has extended duration on the Vines so you can place the Vines, slow enemy movement to a crawl, then use Vire’s Might to run all over them (I tried an initial theorycraft, but the OA/DA was so bad that there was no way to rectify it while keeping the skill bonuses). But there’s no MI options at all and the equipment that does give bonuses chokes out any other skill from being adequately invested.

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I’d suggest M. Temporal Tempest getting some more love too. It is a rarely seen and very niche dagger, though I use it in this build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62aa45b2
I suggest replacing bonus to WD with, say, Aura of Censure or Seal or anything else.
The conversion is good but maybe it could be changed to aether->elemental.
Also, adding +1 to Inq (preferably) would be nice.

Spark of Reality: maybe replace the Necro mods with some bonuses to Chaos CT or chaos RR to CoF as we lack chaos-based items that support Arcanist. I’ve never seen this scepter being used so PROBABLY it will help a bit.

Decree of Malmouth: the 25% conversion to WoP makes just zero sense so increase it to 100%, please. Also adding some cast or total speed would be cool.

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this was my warder that is based on some of those items
its 5-5:30 build and it is fairly safe.

My main gripe was the casting speed tbh… rotating vines and swarm between auto attacks with that low cs feels very clunky. All of your points are valid too

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Also would love to see some tweaks on Tempest dagger. Have tried Wind Devil + WoP combos but you just can’t get the points to max WoP and damage goes to poop.

Latter I used on [] The Chaos Tick - Rah'Zin Warlock and Experiments with Anemic DA SR75+ but would be fine with necro side getting changed.

Also it would be fine if Spark of Ultos/anything else (except conduit, maybe), gets lightning RR to Veil of Shadow. At least, it will make lightning tricksters/sabo a bkt more meme-ish.

Since there aren’t any relevant full Ulzuins, I decided to check the stuff by myself
I can say the full set is fine. It has even more damage than offhand version, but requires more skillful playing, 'cause of less phys res (2%) and less cdr (10%)

Full version
CDR version with 3pieces

My current build with the full set

Some issues the full set has:

  1. Mana (even Sorc with 1600 spirit and -30 energy cost needs mana potions like air)
  2. Pierce res

I would suggest to add a bit of pierce res (~10%) and energy regen (3-5) to the set.

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WTB more Aether to Pierce global conversion items :sweat_smile:


I want to talk about ‘‘Dire Bear/Maul’’ a bit.

Btw thanks for increasing it’s icon size a bit, now it’s definitely noticable in crowd without being have to zoom-in, I can literally see the long bloody claw marks on them :smiley:

The constellation stats are good enough. For the requirement/affinity bonus rate, I’m not sure the sheer stats are worth it. So it’s the proc makes it worthy or not really. But the proc…

Not sure how much dps gain it provides since I don’t use GI. But as we know most monster has less than 2k armor, some nemesis like Iron Maiden and celestial like Ravager has 3k armor. The debuff(-%30) is looks good on paper, especially againts high armor enemies.

I tried it with a few 2H and DW melee builds. It’s not that bad. I’m not saying it’s not useless or anything and I’m aware asking for extra armor debuff would be unjust but the healing part of it definitely not working good. and as you all know most physical builds have problems with proccing a few devotions at the same time, since you have to bind AM to your spam skill(unless you have RE), ou have Ulzaad, atleast one of Oleron or Azrakaa etc.

So I’m just asking, give it some %5-15 WD, so it’s heal can use some of the global Adcth/flat damage and we can bind it to pseudo-pets aswell, which will atleast make us say ‘‘the heal is not something but atleast it’s there and we can benefit it while stunned/freezed etc’’.

Or, give it some more flat damage/AoE so the heal might become noticable/and worth to take in situations like you need more lifesteal(like all Cadence builds) than damage.

Also sometimes that constellation is the only choice that makes sense(especially if you took Ulzaad/Scales/Azrakaa) even though you rely on converted physical damage more than pure flat so you take it for stats but the proc become obsolete as it is right now(imo). If someone made an extensive tests about it with different AA skills/2H-DW etc I would like to know the results aswell.

For technical reasons I’m not gonna delve into, % Weapon damage cannot go onto debuff skills, so if the concern is sustain, bumping the inherent life steal on the proc would be more appropriate.


my main problem with Maul is the affinity cost, it’s just (often) so expensive to grab compared to other good stuff, specially since it only applies to pure phys and not unconverted

Maybe need a little buff to Oleron’s Rage in form of change bonus to run speed for bonus to total speed (10% on maximal base skill level and 15% on maximal overcap). Because for now Oleron for me looks weaker then Menhir, but I’m fan of extreme tankines and reworked Menhir works fine for this. This bonus looks more logical form in sense of skill itself, or maybe need to some amount of flat phys+pierce bonus damage like in Menhir to make them even, without nerfing the Menhir to useless state.
Also need to fix aim-assist for AAR because it makes you to shoot in invisible walls in many situations when you could take off enemy just by AOE conus of beam. Will not be surprised if problem of invisible walls still all same bad for PRM.
And fix randomizer for loot because now it works quite terrible. For example I got dozens of parts of Baldir, Daega and Sharpshooter sets every week, but I didn’t saw any part of Calidor, Festerblaze and Dreadwalker sets in last 1-2 years. And didn’t got full sets of Royal Crown Jewels, with Magelord, from the very beginning of my gametime. Same counts for many Legendaries, like for example one single Wrath of Tenebris for 700+ hours, and only few parts of Demon Hunter and Chillwhisper, and not a single Dawnshard Shoulderguards. When I already got few full sets of Belgothian, Diviner, Ghol, Waldun, Harbinger. It is really work in some one way style with a little chance for enlightening for hour or two when you got a chance to get any epic/legendary stuff for real. But most part of time you just got all the same things that you already have in assortment.

i would totally like total speed, heck or even just attack speed/cast speed(one or the other), but i kinda also feels like it would make Oleron blow completely out of proportions
i did a couple of copy paste “duality” builds where i had X Class, and then swapped for the supporting mastery for soldier, purely for passives and oleron, and the result were it was just better all the time because the OA difference alone was massive (several hundreds)
soldier already gets speed on Squad Tactics, adding another 10% would kinda be… well nuts :no_mouth:

Friendly reminder that this arena in SR is still utter garbage. It’s incredibly easy to pull unwanted bosses with a single unlucky proc, it still forces you into facetank with 0 kiting options, and god save you if Grava spawns there. Just remove this shard. Pretty please, with cherry on top. Delete it. It won’t be missed.

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I think increasing the proc radius would a good solution.

It might make it attractive for builds with items that have smaller bits of physical ~100 -ish (ie, Ugdenbog repeater or reaver’s claw for examples). With 2000% physical and 100 flat, you are looking at ineffective 2K armor or over (ignoring absorption, etc). Maul proc helps, but in a small radius and a relatively small duration.

For trash that typically has ~1000 armor, flat 50 (35 with Maul) is relatively ineffective.

I’m thinking that Maul could be really nice for AoE physical things such as gear flat physical bonuses to skills: extra physical to Warcry, Judgment, etc, etc. But currently the radius is small.

Greetings people 1st time poster long time lurker,
How about visual modifiers for the remaining skills in the game?
DEE could use a update to atleast make the eyes red (even with the ember set and tome of atonement nothing changes) , or visuals for vindictive flame, maybe a visual effect update to mageslayers FoI to make it purple (I know there is no conversion but since its adding elemental damage to FoI why not an update?), while on elemental an update to Elem. Forcewave too?
Its barely noticable when you spam it.

Also regarding Hagarond in flesh works?
I know its the last major patch, but will he be doing anything ever or will remain like he is?
Asking for closure xD.

Kindest regards!