V1.2.0.3 Darius cronley not appearing

I beat Darius cronley last session and logged out a bit after but once I came back it thought i had not completed the quest and he just is not there also (I think as a result) Quade is not at the rover camp as well

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Try verifying your game files and make sure all your drivers are up to date.

I have checked. my drivers are up to date and the files were verified they both still unfortunately do not spawn

Are you searching for Quade at the correct Rover camp? Close to Old Arkovia rift, not Arkovian foothills.

Yep I only have the two other quest givers the one for bandits and the one for the pendant

Bernard and Greven? Then you are at the wrong camp. Quade is at Old Arkovia. But he only gives you a quest to kill “Moneybags”, anyway.
It’s Mornay at Devil’s crossing who tells you to kill Cronley.

ok I’m just gonna try a fresh install for the cronley problem

Re-installing worked :slight_smile:

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