I’m getting on an airplane in a little under 20 hours to get back home to Wisconsin for (only :() five days. Still… family, water, friends, cheese.

Bored and antsy until I leave.

Vacation. Yay!

Too short… boo…


what is this thing you speak of

I should be grateful, I know.

But I’m just kind of bummed. This is really only 4 days of vacation, bookended by two days of cars and airports. It’s a long weekend sandwiched in BS bread.

Better than nothing. Enjoy the break. :slight_smile:

Here in Wisconsin there is no water. Only beer.

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I quit drinking :wink:

Thanks Medea, see ya’ll in a week or so!

I couldn’t find anything in the dictionary that remotely resembled this word.

My theory is it’s either a slang/misspelled word for vaccination or a combination of vaccuum and nation. Nothing else it could really be. The latter seems more plausible though :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m back!

Obviously been stinking up the forum again with my rampant abuse of English and shocking disregard for uber-builds.

Somehow I edited from my memory just how awful mosquitoes are. Do you even have them in Switzerland? I usually take my vacation in October, and most of the bugs have died or gone dormant by then. Upshot is we saw fireflies most evenings.

The days were long and muggy, and getting outside for exercise was annoying and uncomfortable - but we did it anyway. Also, my friggn’ 'Sconi accent has come back. It’s about as musical as playing the clarinet through your nose.

Had some good food though, drove out to Lake Wissota, and saw most of my family.

Welcome back. :slight_smile: Yes, we do have mosquitos here, mostly around the lakes - and there are a LOT of lakes.

There are 3 near me: Lakes Neuchatel, Bienne and Murten - all connected by canals so the boats and ships can go from one to another to another.

7,000 Lakes?

Oh, that’s nice… :D:p:D

Neuchatel I know - because of the cheese. How much geography do I know because of cheese? More than I care to admit to.

Wisconsin has a Lake Geneva as well, as most nerds probably know ;). There’s also two lakes that are the size of small inland seas. Have you ever been to the Great Lakes? Pretty wild. They have tides, and very rarely freeze over in the winter.

Anyway, it’s good to be back in the desert, with the scorpions and black widows. At least they don’t fly in your face and torment you all night…

Thing is, it’s proper name is Lake Leman. Only the rest of the world calls it Lake Geneva. :smiley:

No, never went that far north in the States. Mostly, Texas, Missouri, Colorado for vacations when I was a kid. Went to a lot of the lakes in Oklahoma as well.


One of my Swedish friends gets 6 weeks per year of leave, 4 of which she can take in a row.

A month off.

A month.


Not usually difficult to do here in Europe I don’t think. Husband took a month off in 2016 since we were going over to the States to see relatives.

A week’s okay if you’re going local, but for a trip from the States to France I wouldn’t do it for anything less than 3 weeks. If you’re only doing a week by the time you’ve gotten over jetlag and adjusted to the time differences it’s time to get back on the plane home again.

yeah, that’s the European talking, in the US taking off for three weeks means you just used up your vacation for the whole year :wink:

And might be coming back to a desk occupied by someone else!

Oh, I know. Grew up in the States. I think we were the only family in our neighbourhood who actually went some place on vacation. Everyone else stayed home painting the house, repairing this, repairing that, altering this, that, etc.