Valdaran is broken as hell.

Been trying to beat wave 99 on Challenger Crucible with my Witchblade,
17k HP 80% lightning resists +Stoneward, and i get instantly killed by
him at every try. And don’t even say “use tactics” because the TIMER doesn’t
allow for hit and run… it doesn’t take in consideration that you’re low on
health and your potion+regen is on CD… it keeps ticking.

I would understand if my health was 8k and i had low resists. But this is total
BS on a one of the tankiest builds with tons of HP and maxed resists.

OK so maybe it wasn’t ONE shot, but it definatly was instant… no two ways about it.

Needs looking into :furious: .

What is your aether resistance?

The timer only matters for the score, it shouldn’t bother you if you’re just in for clearing Gladiator.

Also, while I believe Valdaran is by far the most dangerous out of all the nemeses, he definitely doesn’t instagib my witchblade. Make sure your aether resist is also capped.

Um, Valdaran doesn’t deal Aether damage of any kind, only Lightning damage as far as i know. And if he did, he would have obliterated some of my characters due to them having low Aether resist (i always have trouble upping it).

He does that after teleport? Because the only way i get insta-killed by Valdaran is when i allow him to teleport (or to teleport me). When i fight him at close range since the beginning there are a lot less problems.

Get your Armorabsorbtion on 100% if its not caped. (Armor is important aswell and helps alot)

Not sure yet if his LightningAura is always on and dealing damage aswell the whole fight (it sounds like what i hear from you that it does) - never had Trouble with him.
killed him 2 days ago first time on hc-ultimate with few Greens/blues and 2 legends on a Blademaster.

Valdaran is free loot, the easiest of all nemeses.
All you need is overcapped lightning and sufficient HP.

My HC witchblade was killed by him :frowning:

Any aetherial has aether damage, but Valdaran’s damage is mostly Lightning and Electric Burn. Some of his attacks just shotgun in melee, and IIRC he can reduce your lightning resistance, which basically makes him either trivial if you overstack lightning resistace, or deadly, especially for melee characters.

doesnt he have an attack that reduces lightning resist?? I think he does but dont quote me on that.

If thats the case you really need to overcap lightning so that debuff doesnt affect you that much

Anytime I encounter Valdaran, I activate my primary defensive ability the moment I engage or as fast as possible when he teleports to me. Mirror, Blade Barrier, Overguard, etc. all help in countering his initial burst. If you’re a tanky witchblade, you hopefully won’t have any trouble after that as long as you stick to melee range and bash his face in.

What’s the relation between Valdaran and armor?

qft (do people still say that?)

My Witchblade can tank dual Valdaran in gladiator Crucible.

All you need is lifesteal and:’s-Bastion

Valdaran’s actually one of the few nemeses I don’t have issues with, so, idk man. Definitely overcap your lightning resist. Not sure what good armor absorption would do.