Valdun’s Set

Has anyone messed with with Valdun set recently? I just acquired the full set and I was throwing something together on grimtools but it seems odd to have such low pierce ratio for what the set is but this is just on paper. Maybe it performs just fine without 100%.

I know 2h are getting a buff soon but from what I know it’s more non set 2h. Thoughts?

Veretragna build

my idea (rings/amulet should be Hammerfall Powder + solael voracity on weapon).

The belt was good in the previous patch (with buffs to pierce ratio, flat pierce, Deadly Momentum), understood Crate should bring the original Pack of Treacherous Means back to its initial condition and then it should be good again.

Yeah I’ve looked at his build before and that’s pretty much what I was leaning towards. Shaman looks appealing because of the low investment. Have you played a lot of the Tactician version?

I have not played it yet, only theorycraft so far.
In my opinion Soldier is better due to bonuses to Cadence, +1 to Soldier and overall skills from Soldier complement the Valdun better (Veretragna shifted his build from Vindicator to Tactician eventually).