Valheim, survival game!

Anyone playing this? Survival game up to 10 people on a server tonsa fun!

I saw it but…the graphics just didn’t do it for me.

I picked it up and played it for 2+ hours with a friend tonight. Definitely an interesting game. Can’t see myself playing it much solo, but co-op, for sure.

I gotta admit, I gave Valheim a try and it’s all I’ve been playing this week. Recommend heartily for anyone who hasn’t played it.

I recently played this game with a friend. We played it for about eight hours. It was interesting, but it wasn’t quite what we expected. After that, we decided to play a game of survival-Minecraft here. For some reason it seemed more interesting to us. Apparently everyone has different tastes.

i used to play it long time ago. it was kinda fun :slight_smile:

the game is self is but a good idea, but without addons the game is quite boring :wink: . If you like modding then its a fantastic game.

you can download texture packs and make it look like real life xD